"His mind unable to hold any more, he sees, yet does not witness. He shall become the rain that will extinguish the dawn."

The Witness is the one of the fifteen Hosts featured in HOURS.


The Witness is unlocked after completing Downcast Days. He is mainly a wild card and is generally an all-rounder on the battlefield, with a mix of range and its versatility from obtainable moves, though he is initially a defense-focused melee attacker. His true name is Rain over Dawn.


The Witness appears as a white and grey humanoid with red eyes and some red wires. He also shows two grey wires are on his shoulder. His weapon is a ukulele with electric properties.


Witness is an exceptional fighter, typically performing best at close range, but this can change drastically depending on his chosen upgrades.

Bash (M1 Combo) is a mid-speed basic attack, with a somewhat longer range than the animation may imply. Its longer windup time compensates for its high damage, and its sweeping range allows it to easily hit multiple adjacent enemies. With upgrades to the skill, this becomes even more pronounced as damage can chain to other nearby targets.

Kick (M2) clocks in as the fastest attack in the game, with absolutely no windup time; however, it is also the shortest range attack, requiring you to be right next to the target to hit. It deals very little damage, but staggers the target, making for an instant action canceler.

Shield (SHIFT) gives Witness additional shield HP for 4 seconds. During this time, Witness is immune to most negative effects (unless all Shield HP is gone before 4 seconds).

Smite (Q) is Witness' main tool for closing in on enemies and initiating combos. It deals high damage, can be used at very long range, and stuns on hit. Its large Area of Effect makes it difficult for the average enemy to dodge.

Witness also begins the game with a passive ability called Conduit. This ability activates whenever an active ability is cast (except Kick, in which case the kick must hit an enemy for the skill to activate), and reduces the cooldown of all other skills by 10% of the cooldown of the active skill that was just used. Additionally, this ability can come with a passive damaging bonus via upgrades.

Stats & Main Abilities

HP: 100

Speed: 12 studs/s

Witness Bash.png
Bash (M1 Combo): Bash an enemy for 16 damage. 4 hit combo.

Witness Kick.png
Kick (M2): Kick the target, staggering and dealing 10 damage.
Only activates Conduit on hits. [4s CD]

Witness Shield.png
Shield (SHIFT): Gain a 25 health shield that absorbs damage
and prevents most negative effects for 4 seconds. [10s CD]

Witness Smite.png
Smite (Q): Strike the closest enemy with lightning,
dealing 40 damage and stunning for 2 seconds. [12s CD]

Conduit (Passive): Casting an ability reduces all cooldowns by 10% of the ability's cooldown.

Additional Abilities

Epic Condiment

Activate to increase power by 100% and movement speed by 30% for 8 seconds. 40 second cooldown.

Photon Accelerator

Activate to shoot a bouncing laser that deals 30 damage. 10 second cooldown.

Unlimited Rulebook

Activate to teleport to a random location. 12 second cooldown.

Memento Mori

Activate to become invulnerable for 4 seconds. Automatically activates when taking fatal damage. 30 second cooldown.

Ghom's Last Regret

Activate to heal 20 health. 25 second cooldown.

Decoy Deploy

Activate to place a decoy that has 20 health and explodes upon expiration for 40 damage. 20 second cooldown.

First Stage of Grief

Activate to reflect nearby projectiles and knock away nearby enemies, dealing 10 damage. Reflected projectiles deal double damage. 12 second cooldown.

Cosmic Spearhead

Activate to shoot a rocket, dealing 150 damage in an area. 60 second cooldown.

Telamon's Banhammer

Activate to swing a ban hammer, dealing 90 damage and flinging hit targets. 30 second cooldown.

Builder's Trowel

Activate to build a wall which blocks attacks while dealing 4 damage per second and slowing by 75%. 20 second cooldown. Holds 2 charges.

Wings of Invention

Activate to fly. 10 second cooldown.

Blackmarket Blueprints

Activate to place a turret that has 100 health and deals 8 damage per second. The turret loses 8 health per second. 30 second cooldown.

Main Ability Upgrades


King's Confines: Bash deals 25% more damage passively and chains to 1 nearby target for 50% damage.

Miniature Devil: Bash deals 50% more damage to targets that are stunned, slowed or staggered. Gain shields equal to 25% of damage dealt with Bash for 4 seconds.

Thunderclap Vessel: Every 4th Bash in a combo hits twice and stuns targets for 2 seconds.


Lichtenberge Spawn: Kick deals 140% more damage and its cooldown is reduced by 1 second if it interrupts an action.

Under the Weather: Kick deals an additional 8 damage over 1 second, staggering for each tick of damage.


Dominus Pluviam: While Shield is active, increase your power by 20% and increase its cooldown rate by 25%. Increase the duration of Shield by 2 seconds.

Immortal Mantle: Shield explodes for 20 damage when it ends. Shield amount is increased proportionally by missing health percentage up to 50%.

Spiral Conduit: Enemies that hit you with an attack while Shield is active will be staggered and take 10 damage. When Shield is cast, gain a secondary shield for 1.5 seconds.


Neobium Coil: Smite strikes random targets while channeling dealing 2.5%x3 damage.

Periastron Delta: Smite chains to up to 3 nearby targets, dealing 50% of the damage dealt and stunning for 1 second. Can chain to friendly targets and does not deal any damage when it chains this way.

Subspace Artifact: Smite leaves behind a zone of static electricity that deals 30 damage over 3 seconds.


Tempest Navigator: Conduit creates a ring of electricity, dealing 16 damage over 2 seconds.

Witness' Visual Abilities


Gallery and Artwork


  • During HOURS development, Witness's name was "Stormspark", and his full title was "Mind Blown, Mind Frayed, Mind Scrambled- Celestopia Aquaris-Borealis Rain-Over-Dawn, Memories from the Beginning of the Realm".
  • Witness and Dreamer are the only hosts that use an Instrument as a weapon.
  • Witness' weapon is a a reference to the Risk of Rain item, the Ukulele.
  • Witness' Smite is currently one of the only default abilities in the game that can land a hit on Fallen Dread while they're in the air, the others being Bloxxer's Nail Rain, Dreamer's Burst and Eruption, and Buffoon's Bolt and Bolt-Ex.
  • With 12 obtainable abilities, Witness has more obtainable skills than any other host in the game.
  • Witness's Abilities are based on actual Roblox items or accessories from the Catalog.
  • Memento Mori is a reference to a latin phrase and it means "Remember that you will die."