"Owning nothing, knowing nothing, wanting nothing. Yet, his existence more meaningful than any other."

The Visitor is one of the fifteen Hosts featured in HOURS.


The Visitor is unlocked after beating the game on any difficulty with Invader, Prophet, Witness, Artisan, and Vestige. He is a very tanky host with a decent combination of melee and ranged capabilities. His true name is Zeronil.


The Visitor appears as a navy blue humanoid with what appears to be a straw hat and an umbrella/drill. His body and clothes seem to be made of a crystal-like material, as shown by his luminance and the spikes coming out of his shoulders. He is the only host whose icon does not appear on their face; his icon represents his head and hat.


Visitor is incredibly slow, but boasts stronger defensive capabilities than any other host.


His specular defense is achieved with his passive ability, Skin. Visitor can have up to 6 charges of Skin at a time and regains 1 charge every 5 seconds, and loses 1 charge when taking damage. He gains 10 armor for every charge of skin, and his body glows brighter with every charge. These charges can be lost very fast to barrages or melee attackers, but become much easier to retain with upgrades.

Drill (M1) hits three times with a longer range than most basic attacks, with an above-average overall damage output. The windup of this skill is very fast, but its longer duration leaves Visitor vulnerable.

Beam (M2) is Visitor's primary source of damage, firing a beam that homes in on the target for constant damage. This skill can be canceled at any time, but if executed in its entirety, the final burst deals very high damage and recovers HP. A Beam which maintains constant contact for its full duration is generally enough to kill any normal enemy at full health in earlier stages or lower difficulties. The turning speed of the beam is rather slow, so this skill is best used against targets that are not moving, or are moving directly towards or away from Visitor.

Burrow (SHIFT) digs under the battlefield, preventing damage until Visitor resurfaces, dealing damage in a small area where he reappears. Unlike most mobility skills, it moves in the direction of the camera rather than the direction Visitor is facing. It is unaffected by auto-aim.

Skewer (Q) is a short ranged attack which prevents the target from moving on hit. This is typically used to close in on enemies or keep one's distance in order to fire a Beam.


Behind A Front unlocks a 25 HP Shield for Visitor which regenerates when Skin is at full power and is represented by a larger holographic hat while active. Activating the skill instantly recovers the shield and all charges of Skin. While this should be obvious, this skill is most effective when used when the shield is broken and all charges of Skin are depleted.

Re: Self is a buff skill which increases Visitor's power based on his number of charges of Skin for a short time. During this time, he also cannot lose charges of Skin when taking damage. Obtaining this skill also increases Visitor's max HP by 25%.

Anti Matterhorn enlarges the drill and charges at enemies for 3 seconds for lots of damage. Like Beam, the homing of this skill works slowly, so it should be lined up well before use. While the skill is active, Visitor slowly loses HP, and by extension he also rapidly loses charges of Skin. Each hit of the attack hastens Skin's recovery time, but this does very little to counteract the loss of charges from using the attack at all, especially if it misses. To prevent Skin charge loss, Anti Matterhorn is best used in conjunction with Re: Self, or with Behind A Front ready to use when the attack is over.



HP: 100

Health Regen: 0.33/s

Speed: 8 studs/s

Drill (M1): Drill for 8x3 damage.

Beam (M2): Channel a powerful laser beam for 2 seconds dealing 32 damage per second. Deals an additional 64 damage and heals for 8% health if fully channelled. Activate again to cancel. [8s CD]

Burrow (SHIFT): Tunnel to a new location, dealing 20 damage on arrival. [7s CD]

Skewer (Q): Create a line of spikes that roots the first enemy hit for 2 seconds and deals 20 damage. [9s CD]

Skin (Passive): Start with 6 charges of Skin. Every charge of Skin grants 10 armour. Taking damage causes you to lose one charge of Skin. Recharges every 5 seconds.

Obtainable Abilities

Behind a front.jpg
Behind a Front

Regenerate a shield with 20 health when Skin is at full charge. Activate to restore all charges of Skin and recharge the shield. Can be activated while attacking or staggered. 20 second cooldown. [ID: 22]

Anti matterhorn.jpg
Anti Matterhorn

Activate to do a giga drill attack, consuming 24 health to deal 240 damage over 3 seconds. Each hit reduces the cooldown of Skin by 4 seconds. 30 second cooldown. [ID: 23]

Re self.jpg
Re: Self

Activate to gain 10% power per charge of Skin and prevent loss of Skin charges when taking damage for 8 seconds. 60 second cooldown. Passively gain 25% max health. [ID: 24]

Move Changes


Absolute nil.jpg
Absolute Nil

Skin gives 30 extra armor at full charge. Nearby enemies are slowed by 10% and lose 0.5 health per second per charge of Skin. [ID: 21]

Blank Shell.jpg
Blank Shell

All charges of Skin are returned at once. Increase the cooldown of Skin by 5 seconds. [ID: 20]

Full husk.jpg
Full Husk

When Skin has full charges, gain 25% power. Otherwise, gain 50% movement speed. [ID: 19]

Hollow Exchange.jpg
Hollow Exchange

Gain 0.25 health regeneration per remaining charge of Skin. Abilities recharge 10% faster per missing charge of Skin. [ID: 18]

Hurting me.jpg
Hurting Me

Whenever a charge of Skin is consumed, reflect 150% of melee damage taken and gain 100 armor for 0.5 seconds. [ID: 17]


Empty vessel.jpg
Empty Vessel

Drill restores 1 charge of Skin. When more than 3 charges are present, become unstoppable. [ID: 2]


Burrow increases the damage of the next Drill by 8 for each enemy hit and causes it to stagger. Every charge of Skin increases the damage of drill by 1. [ID: 3]

Seeking impetus.jpg
Seeking Impetus

Drill reduces the cooldown of Beam by 2 seconds. Reduce the windup time of Beam greatly. [ID: 1]


All returns.jpg
All Returns

Every hit of Beam applies 1 stack of All Returns. The final hit of Beam consumes all stacks, dealing 1% of the target's maximum health as damage per stack. [ID: 12]

No end to.jpg
No End To

Beam deals damage twice as fast and its duration is cut in half. The final hit of Beam reduces the cooldown of beam by 3 seconds. [ID: 13]

Null of.jpg
Null of

Beam slows by 40%. The final hit of Beam spawns a Skewer where it lands. [ID: 8]

Spreading emptiness.jpg
Spreading Emptiness

Every 4th consecutive hit of Beam deals 8 damage in an area. Beam pierces once. [ID: 10]

The void of you.jpg
The Void of You

Beam deals bonus damage proportional to the target's reduced speed, up to 50%. The final hit of Beam heals for an additional 8% health over 2 seconds. [ID: 9]

To nothing.jpg
To Nothing

Beam's periodic damage increases by 16% per second. Increase the duration of Beam by 1 second. [ID: 11]

Unfinished recor.jpg
Unfinished Recor

Increase the turning speed of Beam. Beam deals 25% increased damage to close enemies. The final hit of Beam fully recharges Skin. [ID: 7]


From Nihil.jpg
From Nihil

Burrow increases your power by 50% for 4 seconds and grants a decaying 20 health shield for each enemy hit. [ID: 4]

Over this.jpg
Over This

Enemies hit by Burrow take damage equal to 8% of their maximum health when landing. The cooldown of Burrow is reduced by 2 seconds for each enemy hit. [ID: 5]

Under world.jpg
Under World

Increase the radius and damage of Burrow by 100%. Each enemy hit restores 3 charges of Skin. [ID: 6]


For ever.jpg
For Ever

Skewered enemies lose 8 health per second. Increase the duration of Skewer by 1 second. [ID: 14]

Full of holes.jpg
Full of Holes

Skewer deals 10 damage when it ends, increased by 50% of damage taken while in effect. [ID: 16]

Thousand space.jpg
Thousand Space

Skewer travels 100% further and homes in on enemies. A second Skewer is created in the opposite direction.


Note: Absolute Nil and Re:Self are at minimal graphics.



  • The Full of Holes upgrade (Skewer deals 10 damage when it ends, increased by 50% of damage taken while in effect.) will deal damage to Bloxxerman when he initiates his final phase, even if you cast Skewer on Bloxxerman before he flies up. This damage only applies to the shield, however.
  • Using Overclocked Dive and the Full of Holes upgrade, it is possible to deal thousands of damage.
  • Visitor's Beam is one of the only attacks in the game that Ronin Alpha cannot parry, and that Phase 3 Resident Mind will make no active effort to dodge.


  • Visitor is the only host in the game whose icon does not appear on his face, or anywhere on his entire body. His icon represents his head and hat.
    • Originally, Visitor had no icon at all.
  • During development, Visitor was known as Amalgam. It was changed because the owner of the game felt the new name suited him more and also sounded better.