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Host: enigma

Unlock: beat the game on seconds with dreamer

Unknowing, unseeing, undoing "figment"

"he should not exist. he was created of a string of nothing, willing to posses all life. forlorn to exile, yet knowing the end. he is the one who will extinguish them all. dreaming is a beautiful thing, but... we must wake up. one second or another."

Looks: color: pearl. he has a mix of the symbols of all 5 origin hosts (invader-vestige). he is gently twitching, a gentle glow radiating. he had several tubes going along his body. his arms and legs are connected by cords and tubes.

Primary "slug": punches forward, arm extending for long range. 10 damage and deals 15 and staggers to close foes. 1s CD

I: faster attack speed and lifesteal.

P: slower but more powerful (+10).

W: deals hitstun.

A: has small AoE.

V: fire a small projectile dealing 10 damage.

Secondary "flux": fire out 10 projectiles in random directions, dealing 10 damage on hit. they slowly halt at 5-15 meters. they will hover in place, not dealing damage until reactivating, causing them to explode in a small radius. 15s CD

I: faster with life steal

P: more damage (+5) and radius, but reduces projectiles

W: lightning will chain each explosion. each chain deals 5 damage. stacks between orbs.

A: double explosion size and projectiles, but reduced damage (-2).

V: fires 8 bullets at random

Utility "whole": temporarily become intangible, gaining movement speed. when reactivates, or after 10 seconds, hop out of the mirror, blasting glass around you dealing 5 damage and 15 bleed damage over 3 seconds. 20s CD

I: moves faster, lifesteal

P: move slower, but deals increased damage (+10) and longer bleed (40 over 5 sec)

W: enemies are stunned. deals double bleeding damage (30 over 3 sec)

A: places a ring of glass shards, dealing 5 damage and 10 bleed over 5 seconds.

V: more projectiles, triple range.

Special "mirror": enigma takes a stance. if anything hits him during the 1 second, he will clone the foe as an ally. cannot clone bosses. lasts 30 seconds and stuns if nobody attacks. 45s CD

I: move faster, lifesteal

P: move slower, damage increase

W: hitstun.

A: AoE

V: fires a projectile when attacking.

E "crash": activates immediately on death, or when triggered. enigma will crash, pausing them. if they do not get hit in 5 seconds, he'll reboot, changing his attack scheme to 1 of 5 modes (labeled I, P, W, A, V). 140s CD

Stagger: he will cover his head

Stun: just stand there, looking to the sky

Death: split into a thousand pieces which shoot in all directions. pieces return if crash is used.

thats all.

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