Hello reader! my name is TheREAPERoo7 (discord #9519), and im usually browsing through different wikis deciding what new game i want to play. recently i've gotten addicted to HOURS the roblox game, and i must admit, they did better than most triple A gaming studios. i am the creator of the host idea "Chances", his tempo "Luck", and anything else to do with the character. please give feedback on my ideas, positive or negative. every comment helps me grow, and in the future i might turn HOOURS into a full fledged hack 'n' slash rouge lite!

Favorite games include: 1. Risk of Rain. 2. Hours. 3. VRChat. you can find me on Xbox (TheREAPERoo7), Roblox (10tonDANTDMLOVER), discord (TheREAPERoo7 #9519), and VRChat (TheREAPERoo7 00c7).

Good Day!