TheREAPERoo7 TheREAPERoo7 10 February

imma make an asura's wrath host

asura is badass

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TheREAPERoo7 TheREAPERoo7 8 July 2021

i made too many hosts

here's all 40 pages of hosts i've made. thats right. 40.

Host: Juggernaut (idea by XTempestTermiinal, give him the credit, this is just how i'd see him)

Primary: swing with your flail (a type of mace that "flails"), deals 40 damage with a 0.5 second windup. adds  a stack of "pulverise buildup". on 5 stacks, the enemy loses 60 armor for 30 seconds. 1 second cooldown

Secondary: adopt a defensive position with shield, gaining 100 armor and increasing attack speed, but halving movement speed. 5 second cooldown

Utility: rush forward with shield, adding a stack of "pulverise buildup" and knocking back the first enemy hit. deals 60 damage with a small cone of damage on hit. 12 second cooldown.

Special: release a war cry, giving you temp health and in…

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TheREAPERoo7 TheREAPERoo7 3 May 2021

im a redditor

need i say more?

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TheREAPERoo7 TheREAPERoo7 30 April 2021


i forgot my discord password, so i had to make a new one. new code is #4074

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TheREAPERoo7 TheREAPERoo7 27 April 2021

new host

Host: enigma

Unlock: beat the game on seconds with dreamer

Unknowing, unseeing, undoing "figment"

"he should not exist. he was created of a string of nothing, willing to posses all life. forlorn to exile, yet knowing the end. he is the one who will extinguish them all. dreaming is a beautiful thing, but... we must wake up. one second or another."

Looks: color: pearl. he has a mix of the symbols of all 5 origin hosts (invader-vestige). he is gently twitching, a gentle glow radiating. he had several tubes going along his body. his arms and legs are connected by cords and tubes.

Primary "slug": punches forward, arm extending for long range. 10 damage and deals 15 and staggers to close foes. 1s CD

I: faster attack speed and lifesteal.

P: slower but m…

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