Changes On Invader's Movesets

Idle is simliar to the stand with a sword from the game World Of Stands.

Time to end you drifter run!

-Toxic Teapot

Half Cut (Slice): Put venomshank (the sword) at the enemy's head for 1.5 seconds, then swiftly slice them, dealing 60 dmg+50% depending on the remaining health. Ignores Shield when you're full health.

Suicide (spin): Stabs you with Venomshank, removing 10/20/40/70 dmg of your health to explode the whole arena, dealing 500% of the removed health, up to 350.

Venomous Reverse (dash slash): Strike a pose with Teapot exactly like Gold Expirience Requiem's Return To Zero from Stands Awakening. Getting hit by an enemy instead negates their damage and negative effects you took, also dealing 90 dmg to the attacker.

Infuse (empower): Make Venomshank Glow, increasing power by 100%, add a passive 3 health per second regeneration, and a 40% lifesteal. Lasts infinitely as long as you deal damage, fades at 3 seconds of not doing damage.