"Finally done!"


The Themes

Invader - Avatar Beat - "It was really hard to find a good song for invader."

Prophet - Misericorde - "It just fits for some reason. Maybe it's because the song was in a banana borealis video just sounds kind of royal.

Witness - theyaremanycolors (FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING) - "A chaotic song for a chaotic character that is completely overwhelmed by everything happening all at once."

Artisan - Vagrant Keepsake of Oblivion - "It took a while to find a good song for Artisan, but I think this one works well!"

Vestige - Desert Battle 2 - "Do I really need to explain this one?"

Visitor - Asleep Atop An Atom - "A slower song for one of the slower hosts."

Subject - 4 - "I dunno man, it just fits. Please ignore the album art."

Dreamer - Does the sheep count the sheep? - "Good song + song related to sleeping."

Parting - Diva - "dude...the vocals are easy lover and the guitar is parting...woah"

Drifter - Crawl - "I would've chosen Mirror Of The World...But I feel like Crawl fits better."

Hot Rash - 11 Lifeline - "We will become stronger."

Hellion - Agent Tex - "uhh...funny car?"

Equinox - ORDER - "Thy end is now!"

Bloxxer - Goodbye Baby - "Today is the day Bloxxerman lives."

Buffoon - Tamat - "I thought this fit Buffoon's whole wizard thing, so...yeah. It was either that or Your Theme."