Luigiman106 Luigiman106 1 February

Apparently we now have an Anti Mother host.

I said a long time ago that nobody wanted one, but we're getting one. Yikes.

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Luigiman106 Luigiman106 22 July 2021

Joke Pages

We all love joking around, but the joke/useless pages aren't funny.

Nobody wants an Anti Mother host.

We don't need separate pages for the stuff the donation gamepass does.

If the page isn't going to benefit people's knowledge or it's going to be a huge joke, don't make it.

NO FUN ALLOWED!!!!!!11one

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Luigiman106 Luigiman106 14 November 2020

Useless Edits

If the edit holds no purpose, don't add it.

Someone deadass put "She is the worst enemy in the game." on the Anti Mother page.

And someone edited the Donation gamepass begging for someone to tell them how it works. It's literally in its description?

We don't need the true names on the host page. Every host has it on their own respective pages.

Please. Refrain from making useless edits like these.

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Luigiman106 Luigiman106 7 November 2020

Happy Birthday!

yep it's my birthday

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Luigiman106 Luigiman106 5 November 2020

Future of the Wiki

What's up guys!

So, with the wiki growing faster than I expected, I wanted to let you guys know about the wiki's future.

I'm gonna be hiring a moderation team soon, since we're gonna need one. We've had two vandals so far. Both have been removed from the site. For now, please try your best to keep the wiki clean. If you need to add me, it's craig#7777.

While the growth is nice, I really didn't expect it to grow this fast. I've seen a few pages that really don't need to be on here. So please just don't make any new pages for a bit. If you want to, please contact me.

ok lol thats it

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