"The unstoppable. The unavoidable. The impending. He is the cause of all things told. A mission void of completion, as he serves the never ending voice of the necessary."

The Impetus is a host created by IdiotBuilder.


Impetus is an extremely fast and technical host, with things called combos. Combos occur when you use certain abilities in certain order. It is important to memorize combos and what they do in order to achieve success as Impetus.


A gray, blindfolded figure, with black lines branching down from his concealed eyes. He dons a black cloak that hoods his head, and has a long tail end that drags behind him. Below the cloak, on his body, are many chains, bands, bracelets, necklaces, and armor pieces, all grey scaled. He wields a large Scythe, with a long gun metal grey handle.


Impetus is a fast paced and hard to master host. It has many different combos, many different actual combos, all capable of dealing lots of damage. It's all about the player's input and skill for this host.



Max Health: 100

Health Regen: 0.33/s

Movement Speed: 21 studs/s

Slice (M1): Slice the scythe for 10 damage. 4th hit in the combo heals for 20% of damage dealt.

Reap (M2): Slice the scythe down for a brutal 50 damage staggering hit. If this attack is the finishing blow, half cooldown and heal 30 health. [8s CD]

Cleave (Shift): Dash forward and slash at the peak for 20 damage and staggering. [9s CD]

Hurl (Q): Throw the scythe, and raise a second one. The first scythe will travel until it hits a wall, in which it will bounce back until it hits something else, in which it will disappear, This does 30 damage to anything in it's path and staggering. [12s CD]

A combo is a series of inputs required to preform a special move. The move is executed in place of the last input in the combo. The abilities in combos must be preformed within at most 2 seconds of each other, however, this time frame does not begin until the attack's entire duration has been carried out, excluding hurl.

Default Combos

L-L-L-R = Emancipated Reap: Black smoke engulfs your scythe as you slice down for 80 damage and healing 20 health. if the finishing blow is dealt, half cooldown and heal 40.

R-L = Spin swipe: Spin the scythe in a wide circle, dealing 20 damage and staggering.

Q-Shift-R-L = Perish: Swipe the now black flame engulfed scythe in a deadly arc, dealing 100 damage and stunning for 1 second. This heals for 35% of the damage done.

R-Shift = Leap: Leap backwards. This has I-Frames.

L-L-Shift = Not personal: Quickly move behind the nearest enemy, and slice through them for 30 damage, and stunning for 3 seconds.

L-L-L-Q = Counter: Bring your scythe up for 1 second. Any enemy that melee hits you during this window will be stunned for 2 seconds as you preform a 25 damage upwards slash.

Q-L = Multi slash: Teleport to your victim and slash quickly for 5x6 damage.

R-Q = Disarming bash: Bash with the handle of your scythe for 15 damage, and disarm for 6 seconds.

Obtainable combos

R-Impale = Deadly Duo: Impale the target, the smash them against the ground for 30x2 damage.

L-Q-Shift-Impale-R = Final ascension: With a hefty windup, slam the scythe into the ground, causing a massive black explosion that deals 150 damage to anything in its wake. This stuns for 2 seconds, and slows enemies by 50% for 6 seconds.

Impale-L = Send off: Swipe furiously, sending the target flying and dealing 20 damage.

L-L-L-Kick = Brutality: Kick the target down and stomp on them for 4x5 damage.

Kick-Q = Maim: Throw the scythe to sever one of the target's limbs. This causes a permanent damage over time effect that deals 3 damage every second.

Kick-Impale-L = Luck of the draw: Swipe the scythe for 15 damage and apply 1-2 random effects for 2-7 seconds.

Obtainable Skills

Impale: Impale the target with your scythe, dealing 40 damage and healing for 75% of the damage dealt. [13s CD]. Adds 3 new combos.

Kick: Kick forward for 7 damage, sending the target back and staggering. [5s CD] Adds 2 new combos.

Move Changes


Death and Life: Slice heals 20% more on the final hit. Increase slice's damage by 50%

Invader's fate: The first slice in a combo is a swipe that deals 28 damage and reduces cooldowns by 1 second.

Knives of fate: Successful hits with slice summon 4 2 damage knives that fire themselves at the nearest enemy.

Impending: Become unstoppable while Slice is being used. Slice heals by 3 per hit.


Sowing: Reap deals 100% more damage, but deals 20% of the damage dealt to you,

Flame retardant: When using Reap, the scythe is engulfed in black fire, and applies a burn effect that deals 25 damage over 5 seconds. Increase Reap's damage by 50%.

At the speed of death: Reap teleports to the nearest enemy when used. Reap increases your own speed by 80% for 5 seconds on successful hits.

Bleeding: Reap applies a bleeding effect for 7 seconds, in which targets take 3 damage per second, and take 25% more damage.

Morphed's fate: Reap stuns for 2 seconds, and applies a 25 health healing over time effect on you.


World travel: Increase the distance traveled by Cleave by 90%. Cleave's dash can now hit enemies for 75% damage.

Beheading: If Cleave preforms the killing blow, reset the cooldown and strengthen the next cleave by 100%. The effect can stack up to 300%.

Tangent's fate: Cleave releases a 30 damage black explosion on hits. This effect has a 10% chance to backfire and deal its damage to you instead.

侍の戦い: While cleave is being used, all hits are parried and for every parried hit increases your damage by 25% for 3 seconds.


Rebound: Hurl rebounds to the next nearest enemies, up to 2 times. Hurl's damage is increased by 50% for every hit enemy, and this bonus is erased when hurl ends.

Dreamer's fate: Hurl causes 20 damage eruptions of light to appear under each point of contact. Hurl slows enemies by 60% for 5 seconds.

Reveal blindfold: while using hurl, the blindfold comes off and your face glows black. Anything in the vicinity is slowed and takes 10 damage per second. Decrease Hurl's velocity by 50%.

Break off: Hitting with Hurl causes 5 smaller 10 damage homing scythes to shoot from the hit. Hurl slightly homes in

Shielding faith: If you catch the scythe in Hurl, gain 50 shield. Passively gain 4 permanent armor every enemy killed.


Enchant's fate: Every hit, a star will begin to orbit around you. You can have a max of 10 stars. When using a combo, consume all stars and increase the combo's damage by 6% per star.

Adept armory: Preforming a combo gives 30 shield, to a max of 75. Successful combos grant 75 armor for 5 seconds.

Cataclysm: A familiar looking "Drone" hovers around you, spitting red fire at enemies. This fire deals 5 damage and applies a burn effect that deals 3 damage every seconds for 6 seconds.

Catastrophe: A familiar looking "Drone" hovers around you, spitting red fire at enemies. This fire deals 2 damage and applies a burn effect that deals 6 damage every seconds for 7 seconds.




Beat the game with Impetus


Activate to create a bubble around your host. Everything outside the bubble is frozen, including projectiles shot by you. Lasts 10 seconds with a 25 second cooldown. Overclocked increases the duration to 20 seconds, and enables projectiles shot by you to be unfrozen outside the bubble.




Beat the game with Impetus without using a combo.


Activate to completely freeze time for yourself for 3 seconds. Any damage you take turing this is negated. 15 second cooldown. Overclocked increases duration to 5 seconds, and causes any damage taken to be converted to shield, equal to 25% of the damage absorbed.


  • Several of Impetus' upgrades are references to other hosts, fanmade and official
  • Impetus is one of the only standalone lore hosts created by IdiotBuilder
  • The 侍の戦い upgrade translates to Samuri Fighting
  • Impetus has the fastest base speed in the game.
  • IdiotBuilder had a mental breakdown whilst creating Impetus, and therefore will not be posting hours content for a while