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Sky's Limits

Sky's Limits is a secret fanmade stage.The boss of this stage is Fragments


Sky's Limits is an unlimited cloud with a light blue sky, and a weird symbol in the middle, with a letter ''Start'' in front of it. After you defeat Fragments the stage will becomes darker and darker then the darkness will teleports you to LBCE.


This stage has no enemies. The only thing that could be considered an enemy is the clones of the enemy that you have killed (does not include bosses) and Fragments.


Fragments - The Lost Souls Collector is the boss of Sky's Limits


Fragments is a white glowing shattered humanoid with some weird symbols around them. The symbols resemble a white sun and a white moon.


Fragments will stay away from the player, trying to snipe them down. Every 6 attacks Fragments will take a moment to recover.

Light pillars

summons a light circle underneath the player. deals 40 damage


shoots 4 shards at the player. deals 39 damage


spawns 5 of the enemies that you have killed.


uses a Rifle that deals 60 damage (can be dogged)

Night light

3 to 6 tripwires will appear that deals 5 damage the tripwires will disappear if you trip over it


Fragments just teleports to a random spot

Spinning shards

summons some white sun symbols and moon symbols around Fragments. Deals 6 damage per each symbols (white moon symbols deals 40 per each shards and has a rare chance of spawning one or two)

(Passive) Night or Day

If the Sky's Limits is on Day Fragments gets a 50% of damage (for 5 seconds) if its Night gets 40% slowness

Random things

Celestial Bloom (Fragments theme when their still alive)

Memory (Fragments theme when you defeat them)

  • Re-saving cannot summon bosses.
  • Spinning shards and Night light are reference to Emerald Lancer and Bloxxerman
  • (i changed the images just because i dont want to R.I.P your eyes-)