''No matter how many times we die, we will still re-try.''

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The friends is one of the fanmade Hosts, its also one of the Hosts having multiple Hosts in one.


The Friends can be optain by killing Lemonade by the 20th time. Their a mix Host and their true name is halex Halxox and Rile


Lemon is just the enemy Lemonade but a playble Host

Blueberry appears as a transparrent humanoid with a blue liquid inside of them their a melee host and they also almost looks like Lemon but a bit difrend

Chill is the same as Blueberry and Lemon but their a support and their color is light red


Halex is suppost to be a support too, but mostly their only will be a range.Their lemonade bomb and dual eagles are good but im not sure about the self-destroy...

Halxox is well.. a melee Host that deals lots of damage.they also has a downside wich their slow as heck and the swords hitbox.... its wierd as fuck.

Rile is most likely a support whenever your on low.Same as subject they can also brew potion bombs.Healing, knock back and stun will be the only potion bombs you will brew.The downside is they have low health pretty fast tho.




Dual Desert Eagles[LMB]: Halex uses a dual desert eagles for 21 damage.

Self - Destroy[RMB]: Halex rips one of their arms and smash their arm into the nearest enemy for 30 damage and stun them for 2 second.

Chilliness[Shift]: Halex throws a glass of lemonade to their allies and healing them for 10% hp. (stuns the enemy is their caught in the range)



Sharp slice[LMB]: Halxox will swings their heavy sword for 50 damage

Sharp trow[RMB]: this is similar to Cerebrum Colossus ''Colosal Slab'' but deals more damage and much more range, the only defrence is t h e h i t b o x i s w i e r d.

Recovering[Shift]: +10 shield thats it.



Draning[LMB]: throws a random coffe boomb that deals at the least 30 to 65

Shield coming up![RMB]: +54 shield and also refrecs projectile

New potions![Shift]: brews a potion bombs

Riles PB sheet

healin potion: k-k-l-o-x

knock back potion: w-w-x-c

stun potion: l-m-a-o

posion potion: x-c-x-c

damage potion: 1-a-3-f

black hole potion: b-h-d-e

speed potion: a-w-d-s