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a magical clock sits in the middle of nowhere, and produces the first ever host known to man. from then on, the hosts' population kept expanding and their town expanded, ranging from passive hosts to a fucking (actually dead now) murder causing group. as time moves on, more about the hosts get uncovered...

meanwhile, in a realm far far away, the world itself had no balance, and created a being to keep its balance. that being was the embodiment of many prayers spread throughout the world, with abilities far beyond a hosts' understanding. the being created several mannequins as a test, one of which came alive. it then spread from there...

Host Lore

The magical life who gave all hosts their place to live. Has magical powers unheard of, ranging from fixing a part of the ground to reversing time itself. Has a feminine voice despite not having any gender. Yes, they're non-binary. It's avatar is a whole green goop-ish translucent Dreamer-like being.

Pronouns: They/It, can be referred to as She/He as well.

First host ever. Stupid, a cocky fucking dick but is a good leader. It does its Empower through charging up its own blades with its blood. Oh, and if you want your hand corroded, do NOT touch its horns.

-- Clock Strings --

Pronouns: Strictly It/Its.

Second host created. Quiet, and mysterious. He can look into the future as he wishes, capable of changing the future were he to step into the mess. But his silence doesn't come from his own personality, it comes from his worry of the forlorn future.

-- Doomdestine --

Pronouns: He/Him or They/Them as the reader pleases.

Third host created. Also quiet, but easier to communicate to. Created with the capability to hold much, he aimed to be someone who can remember details, from the smallest needle to the destruction of the nearest city. But from the recent add-in of the Guilty, his head has been filled up with murders, suffering and death, leading to him forgetting a lot.

-- Rain Over Dawn --

Pronouns: He/Him or They/Them as the reader pleases.

Fourth host created. It is a robot created for-- who knows, really? It seemingly wants to be friends. It is given the ability to summon turrets as long as it has its code. You can't get through its head- No matter how much you try to crack it's code, you'll be left with unidentifiable code and sometimes, many errors.

-- Myth-A-Weave --

Pronouns: Strictly It/Its.

ohoho, lore wave

First outside host, fifth host overall. There's a lot of backstory behind this friendly, depressed cowboy.

Before the Guilty, he used to be a cop-in-training. The Guilty pulled him into their guild and wiped most of his memory, to leave him following them for a long time. After the Guilty's fall, he started gaining awareness on how he should've had some other memories lost to time. With the help of two certain hosts, he regained his memory. But his mental health seems to have decreased by a lot.

-- Trickshot --

Pronouns: Strictly He/Him.

Sixth host overall. Created during a war with 2 kingdoms. Refused to fight, and was forced to be a slave. He then proceeded to escape, finding a new friend on the way. They escaped the never-ending, infinite battlefield as they run from danger. Visitor, however, went on a journey to find somewhere safe to stay, and had found Clock's Town as a result. And yes, he has gathered many traits and talents over the years. Also referred to as Subject's boyfriend.

-- Zeronil --

Pronouns: He/Him preferred, but feel free to use They/Them.

Seventh host. Created during a war with 2 kingdoms. He refused to do so, and was forced to be a slave. He then proceeded to escape, finding a new best friend on the way. Both escaped the infinite battleground together. However, Subject stayed back, and let his friend journey on, with a heavy heart. When his friend goes missing for a long time, he embarks on a journey himself, attempting to find his friend. Of course, he did find him, residing within Clock's Town. Also referred to as Visitor's boyfriend.

Pronouns: He/Him or They/Them. Do NOT use They/Them in a "Subject's mad" situation.

-- Riddle Major --

Two in one, a pair unbreakable. Coming from a kingdom where war always stayed.

Eighth host. Partook in a war with Easy Lover. A mix of support and ranged, now melee. When Easy Lover fell, he tried to heal her at the cost of his own life. When rocks fell above him, Easy Lover came back as a spirit, protecting Parting. Yet, their bond kept weakening.

// look there is no way i can describe parting like hwo i did with the otehr hosts

-- Misteresque --

Pronouns: He/Him or It/Its. No exceptions.

Sub-host. Protecting Parting with all their might. Died at the hands of a war. Trusted member of their society, their kingdom.
Where dawn spread means where chaos will begin...

// i also have no way of describing easy lover

-- Duskrise --

Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them. She/Her preferred, do NOT use They/Them when Easy Lover is active.

A robot created to represent hope. In other words, the Hosts' Prayers. It feels emotions, unlike a normal robot. It feels remorse and guilt over failing to be their own prayers, but has since learnt to be who he truly is. It's friendly, chill, and wholesome, yet hides a deep layer of curiosity. Oh, and it hates Artisan.

-- Whitespace --

Pronouns: It/Its, He/Him and They/Them. It/Its is more commonly used.

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Once bosses from another timeline, forced to take refuge within another timeline when their own had crashed. Living the lives of normal hosts now, they try best to prevent another timeline's fall.

10th host overall. A calm and collected host, looking for some aspects of peace. *ahem* Commonly referred to as Drifter's boyfriend, considering their extremely strong bond. Created as a test and supposed to be a mannequin, but was accidentally created as an alive being. One of Resident Mind (alternate timeline)'s first creations. Oh, and remember how I said s o m e aspects of peace? Yes, he is prone to creating chaos once in a while.

Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them and It/Its.

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Boss Lore


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