hey! aellie here

burningprobablyforever dni (do not interact) and admit youre wrong already
i play hours most of the time


hosts i like:

witness, vestige, equinox and visitor

hosts i dislike:

hellion and dreamer, due to low hp

hosts im trying to get:

none! got all of em


hosts i used to beat the game:

virtually every host

hosts im trying to beat the game with:

none! beat the game with em all


fav boss:

rm and bloxxerman the least. ra and equi, cant choose between which.


main focus on endless timeless:

vestige - blasts have good accuracy, can randomly fucking snipe you, charm nullif sucks

dreamer - i dont have to explain

artisan - turrets, parry, auto repairs, even worse when with any unit (especially warlock), sharpshooter or spreadfire

witness - jfc stop with your smite

hot rash - ak-47

bloxxer - staggerlocks

parting - pummel and any finisher, even worse when easy lover passively active

drifter - parry, also dummies pose some threat, staggers are annoying

buffoon - aspect of whatever really annoying

equinox - its just the fact that hes not able to be staggered


story tl;drs:

invader, prophet, artisan - created by the clock, nothing special

witness - created by the clock, witnessed many murders, deaths, bad shit overall, especially after the guilty

vestige - wanted to be a cop, memory wiped and taken into the guilty men in black style, regains memory later and regrets everything

visitor, subject - created as last resort in their own kingdoms that is currently in a war, refuses to fight, gets fucking abused, escapes, becomes friends

parting - soldier in war (NOT related to war with visi and sub war) with bf, bf dies, tries to heal bf, almost dies, bf becomes spirit and protects parting

dreamer - robot created by hosts made to represent rm, is aware about that and feels remorse of not being the rm they wanted them to be, also hates artisan for some reason

equinox, bloxxer, drifter, hot rash, hellion - timeline gets destroyed, during last few moments of their own timeline they ran into another timeline as refugees

buffoon - a fucking elaborate april fools joke


story-ish writer. you can ask me for a story regarding a host or a boss and ill either create one on the spot or state the story i created