Undo is one of the 29 Tempos currently available in HOURS. It is available to the player after beating Peacock Peaks with the Witness.


When activated, an explosion appears then moves time to be what it originally was 3 seconds ago. All damage that was dealt three seconds before activation will be undone, including all damage taken. Your cool downs will also be reverted to what they were 3 seconds ago.

Undo affects 3 seconds of time and its cooldown is 12 seconds. When Overclocked, it'll blow away 5 seconds of time and will recharge in 6 seconds instead.

Tips and Trivia


  • This tempo is only useful for players who are prone to making mistakes. That said, it can be used as a quick-revive. If you want to try at Overclocking it, use Witness and only use it when taking significant damage.
  • After activation, there is a 9 second window that cannot be undone. When Overclocked, this is reduced to 1 second. Any amount of damage after these times can be undone by using Undo when it recharges. This makes avoiding death significantly easier with frail hosts.


  • This and Dust may be a reference to Killer Queen's Bites the Dust ability from the anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, where it briefly shows an explosion before the effect takes place.