Sunken City is the place where you spawn as soon as you enter the game. It shares similarities to Light Beneath Closed Eyes, however the floor outside is covered in sand.


The inside is the same as Light Beneath Closed Eyes, however the white hole areas are replaced by windows. There is a white piano in the center similar to Resident Mind's Piano.


In order to access the exterior, you must complete part of Buffoon’s puzzle. The outside area is also similar to the final level but the floor is replaced with light blue sand. The catwalk to the pink button is still there, yet it is pretty ruined. One of the walls is missing and there isn’t a roof either.

Buffoon’s puzzle

First, in order to move around in the Sunken City, you must get cold treasure in Endless Timeless, then leave the game and rejoin. After getting the ability to move, you must go and press the pink button, then cross the series of pink ladders and platforms to get on top. Once you touch the duck, you unlock buffoon.


  • The Word button might be outside however if it is, it’s out of bounds
  • Due to the similarities to this place and the final level, and the fact the final level is in a dream, it makes sense that this place used to be what light beneath closed eyes was, however it got destroyed. Then we visit it in a dream state, It’s how it used to be.
  • Reset and you’ll clip onto the roof, where there is the duck from the puzzle. doing this will break the game