"He defies the laws of reality, making energy and matter from nothing. He truly is, the ultimate lifeform."

The Subject is one of the fifteen Hosts featured in HOURS.


Subject is unlocked after completing the game on Seconds Difficulty on PC or Minutes Difficulty on Mobile. He's mainly a ranged host that is known for creating potions with key combos, creating a unique play experience from other hosts.


The Subject appears as a gray humanoid with pink transparent body parts. He wears a gas mask and wields a lightsaber-esque sword. His icon represents his face, gas mask in all. It also looks like a potion.


Subject is awarded only to players who have shown they can handle the game at its hardest, and it's easy to see why -- This host is by no means easy to learn or master. His unique control scheme will likely take some time to get used to, but the payoff for memorizing keystrokes -- or rather, key/mouse-strokes -- is well worth it.

Subject relies on a unique mechanic for survival: Potions. Potions come in two forms: Imbued and thrown. Imbued potions are used to coat Subject's sword, providing special boosts to his Strike, and thrown potions affect Subject or enemies directly. There is both an imbued and thrown version of every potion.

Strike (M1) is Subject's basic attack which deals decent damage. This damage is increased both directly and indirectly by imbuement from potions.

Consume (M2) allows Subject to use one of his brewed potions, either coating the sword (imbuement) or throwing the potion either at his feet or at enemies, depending on the thrown potion's effect. Note that Subject can only have 3 active imbuements at a time.

Blink (SHIFT) Teleports Subject forward in the direction he is facing, during which time he is immune to damage and crowd control effects. This skill is unaffected by Auto-Aim.

Brew (Q) Is used to brew one of Subject's many potions. Once pressed, Subject will become stationary, and the ability keys are used as a code input for the desired potion.

All potion codes are four presses in length, always beginning with either the left or right mouse button for 3 presses and ending in either one of these mouse buttons or Q. If the first button in the code is the left mouse button, the potion will be an imbuement, whereas if the first button is the right mouse button, the potion will be thrown. After this initial mouse button is pressed, the remaining 3 inputs of the potion code are identical to their imbued or thrown counterpart.

Alternative to inputting a full code, You can begin the input with Q to quickly brew the last potion you made, or E to brew a random potion.

For more information on Potion mechanics, see the Abilities and Potions and Upgrades sections below.



HP: 100

Health Regen: 0.33/s

Speed: 16 studs/s

Strike (M1): Strike for 14 damage. Damage is increased by 4 for each active imbue.

Consume (M2): Use a stored potion. Thrown potions will apply 1x their effect in an area. Imbued potions will apply 0.25x their effect to the next 5 hits of Strike.

Blink (SHIFT): Become invulnerable and teleport in the direction of which you are currently facing. (3 second cooldown).

Brew (Q): Brew a wide array of potions with varying effects by posing using Lmb, Rmb, and Q. Pressing E will brew a random potion. Pressing Q before the final pose will brew your previous potion (6 second cooldown, holds 3 charges).

  • Pressing Q will make the last potion you made, while pressing E will make a random potion.
  • Pressing Q on the second or third input instantly completes the potion with whatever your last potion's remaining inputs are. (Ex: Previous potion: L L L L, New potion: R R Q. This causes Fire to be brewed as Fire's code is R R L L).

Brewable Potions


L L R Q = Imbue Blood, +12 dmg

L R L Q = Imbue Lightning, +4 dmg, Stun

L L L L = Imbue Life, +4 dmg, Lifesteal

L L L R = Imbue Water, +4 dmg & regen on hit

L L R R = Imbue Wind, +4 dmg & speed on hit

L R R R = Imbue Frost, +4 dmg & slow enemy

L R L R = Imbue Poison, 5 dmg poison (10 dmg DoT) +4 dmg

L R L L = Imbue Fire, +4 dmg & 8 dmg explosion on Strike hit

L L R L = Imbue Earth, +4 dmg

L R R L = Imbue Shadow, +4 dmg, 1st hit lands a weakness effect (24 dmg)

L L L Q = Imbue Crystal, 7 shield on hit

L R R Q = Imbue Nether, reduces enemy power on hit


(note: positive effects are thrown at the ground and negative effects are thrown as a projectile)

R L R Q = Blood, +7 dmg

R R L Q = Lightning, 24 dmg & stun

R L L L = Life, Heal 20 (default)

R L L R = Water, Regen

R L R R = Wind, Speed

R R R R = Frost, Slow

R R L R = Poison, 5 dmg poison (40 DoT)

R R L L = Fire, Explosion (30 dmg default)

R L R L = Earth, +2 dmg & explosion hit (8 dmg)

R R R L = Shadow, +7 dmg (weakens enemy)

R L L Q = Crystal, 25 shield

R R R Q = Nether, reduces enemy power

Potion Changes


Fermented Spider Eye: Blood's damage bonus is increased by 6.25% per second of duration left, up to 150%.

Vampiric Blood: Blood grants 15% lifesteal to melee attacks when active. Blood's bonus damage is increased proportionally to your missing health, up to 150%.


Ionized Plasmavine: Lightning's damage is increased proportionally to the target's remaining health, up to 100%. Lightning removes all shields from the target.

Storm Dangleroot: Lightning deals 5% of the target's maximum health as damage and stuns for twice the duration.


Phoenix Pheather: Life heals 20% of missing health.

Still Spirits: Life heals again 5 seconds later for 50% of health healed.


Atlantic Dust: Water amplifies healing received by 50% while active.

Inverted Rainwater: Water heals 100% more when health is above 50%.


Pressurized Ether: Increase Wind's speed bonus by 25%. This bonus increases to 100% over 3 seconds and resets when attacking or getting staggered.

Tempest Cloud: Cooldowns recharge 50% faster while Wind is active. Wind grants an additional 50% speed bonus that decays over 2 seconds after attacking or getting staggered. Passively increase Wind's speed bonus by 25%.


Biting Frostweed: Frost deals 4 damage for every second its duration is increased.

Rising Icicles: Frost's duration is increased by 1 second every time damage is taken. Frost's slow is increased by 3% for every second it is active, up to 25%.


Nettleberry Extract: Poison's damage is increased by 0.33 every time it deals damage.

Rose of the Reaper: Poison deals damage 100% more frequently when the target's health is below 50%.


Essence of Dynamite: Fire deals up to 100% bonus damage and knockback the closer the targets are to the centre of the explosions.

Molten Timber: Fire has 50% increased radius, damage, and knockback.


Ashen Bone: Earth reduces damage taken by 5 while active. Gain knockback resistance and reduce the duration of stuns, silences, and disarms by 75% while active.

Slateskin Lotion: Increase Earth's armor bonus by 25. Gain stagger resistance while active.


Lily of the Void: Enemies afflicted with Shadow degenerate 8 health over 0.5 seconds whenever damage is taken. Prevent healing while active.

Valley Noonshade: Shadow's armor reduction is increased by 50. Afflicted targets are staggered every 5 times damage is taken.


Crystal Glowpetal: Taking damage while Crystal is active will give shields equal to 40% of the damage taken.

Fractal Growth: While Crystal is active, gain 2.5 shields per second up to 50. Increase the number of shields granted by 20%.


Crumbling Iron: When Nether ends, deal damage equal to 5 times its active duration.

Liquid Curse: Enemies afflicted with Nether are periodically disarmed and silenced. Increase Nether's power reduction by 25%.


  • The Subject's posing and animations are a reference to the many poses that characters perform in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • The Subject's idle is a reference to Kakyoin's idle from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future.
    • The Subject's stagger animation is a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Torture Dance.
  • The Subject's lore about being 'the ultimate lifeform' is another reference to JoJo's; specifically, it references the character Kars, who achieves ultimate power and becomes known as the ultimate lifeform, via a Red Gem.
  • The upgrade "Fermented Spider Eye" is a reference to Minecraft's item with the same name which is used for potion brewing.
  • Using Chromashift on Subject will also change the color of the brewed potions.
  • Subject is the only Host excluding boss/enemy hosts that does not have any obtainable abilities.
  • Subject players using Lightning + a tempo that amplifies/duplicates his potions (e.g. Gate) have dominated the top places during the HOURS Speedrun Contest.
  • Using an imbue potion can be used to dodge attacks.
  • While using the Cell tempo, all of Subject's potions will appear to be completely reflective; this is a result of how Cell's visuals work, and while unintended is beyond the dev's ability to fix.
  • While on the first phase of the Resident Mind, being stunned will always cause his piano to miss due to Subject's hitbox being too low.
  • Subject is the only left-handed host in the game.
  • Subject's gameplay design is considered to be the worst of all the non-secret hosts by the developer, with the reason that his potions made playing him more complicated than it has to, upgrades less interesting as there are fewer possible interactions between upgrades, and dedicating two abilities (brewing and using) to potions reduces the number of moves he has.