Star is one of the 29 Tempos currently available in HOURS. It is available to the player after beating Downcast Days using the Invader.


When used, everything instantly stops without a wind-up. The player has the ability to attack enemies without being attacked back in this time. Projectiles shot before activated do not move and cannot damage enemies.

Star lasts for 2 seconds, and has a cooldown of 8 seconds. When Overclocked, the cooldown shortens to 3 seconds.

Tips and Trivia


  • This tempo works extremely well with the Invader or the Vestige. Their nimble play-styles really suit what this tempo is for, dodging or getting in some quick damage. Use this to dodge an attack quickly or cancel an attack in the middle of it. There's not a lot you can do within the two seconds, but in a few seconds you'll be able to do it again.
  • On the other hand, this tempo also excels well for Prophet and Drifter, as their arguably long attack windups (especially Prophet's Heavy Strike) can be heavily "shortened" through the use of this tempo.
  • Try to think of this as Halt in short bursts.


  • Star's Visual Effect and Audio Effect resembles Star Platinum from Jojo's bizarre adventures
    • That being said, the name resembles Jotaro's stand, Star Platinum
  • Star's icon resembles the pause icon which also describes what it does