Being the Hardest Difficulty, it certainly is without doubt. All Damage is effectively doubled against you, causing your health to evaporate if you aren't careful.



All Damage on Seconds Difficulty is doubled, dealing way more damage before, and causing some enemies that originally weren't a threat, now pose a much bigger danger during your journey to persist.


Virtually every attack in the game now staggers you, making it so that any attacks that come your way can lead to your demise. Most enemies that can do a considerable amount of damage can now one shot or two shot (depending on the host) unprepared players with ease. However, only a few attacks have the exception of being unable to stagger, those being:

  • [Circuit Breaker] Bird Shot - Circuit Breaker's Laser shot from his robotic drone/bird, will not stagger on Minutes mode, and deal 10 Damage to you.
  • [Half Horse] Life Steal - if the player is close to Half Horse, Half Horse will fire a pink neon beam, that deals 1.5 Damage, and heals 1.5 Health, not stunning or staggering, can be avoided if you get away from them.
  • [Emerald Lancer] Emerald Summon - Emerald Lancer will spawn Emerald crystals circling him, dealing 3 damage and exploding on contact. These however will not stagger.


Enemies effectively have their health increased by 25%. Although it may not seem like much, all enemies need to take relatively more damage than what they would originally take to be defeated.


  • Completing the game on Seconds on a PC allows the player to obtain Subject.
    • Mobile players however only need to beat Minutes to unlock Subject.
  • A second of time is reference to the a very brief moment in time, or one second. This is reflected in the information, as it says "Named for how long you'll last", being mere seconds to the unprepared.


  • Jump is good for completing Seconds as it gives you iframes in the air.
  • Many people recommend using Parting with Sand because you can use your tempo while jumping in the air, giving you a free charge up on your tempo.
  • Multiplayer is not recommended as the bots tend to die off quickly.
  • When Bloxxerman uses his final attack, kill him quickly because if you take too long you will for sure die.