Unlocked after beating the game using any Host with the difficulty above weeks in under 10 minutes. You cannot use Turbocharge, Overclock, or Cheat Menu (Still unlockable using commands in the menu) for this.


Upon holding your activation button, you will freeze yourself in time for up to 2 seconds. While frozen you are stuck in whatever state you were in when activated, and enemies can still damage you. Upon releasing the activation button, or reaching the 2 second limit, you will enter a state of altered time where you have double speed and enemies will have halved speed for double the duration that you charged (that means you will technically be 4 times faster than normal) .

Overclocked Sand is similar to regular Sand, except the charge time is reduced to 1 second, and you can continue to hold down Space afterwards to remain stopped in time (but this will not increase the duration of the time speed up/slow).

Tips and Trivia


  • Sand should be charged before enemies spawn, or right as they spawn.
  • If you are close ranged, charging right before walking over to an enemy is a good idea.
  • If you are in need of a quick escape for cooldowns, you can use spam the ability to get some quick speed up.
  • Similarly to OC Gold an Rush, pausing while charging will allow you to continue without holding the key.
  • If your host gets hit while charging, the damage dealt will stack until you finish charging. (Similar to how enemy health behaves during Halt.) Knockback will be similar.
  • You can unlock this with mod menu by putting in "Time69" you must rejoin after.
  • Using Sand during the first phase of Resident Mind desyncs the music from the attacks, so don't use audio ques if you used Sand during the phase.
  • Sand once had the ability to hold an infinite effect duration (requiring a lengthy buildup), but this was changed at some point, capping the duration at 4 seconds.

Abilities that work very well with Sand include:

  • Invader's Hunt (Enemies can still attack your arms, but basically renders you invincible from most ranged attacks.)
  • Witness's Memento Mori (Invincible for 4 seconds.)
  • Witness's Wings of Invention (In the air, doesn't give I-Frames.)
  • Witness's First Stage Of Grief (Projectiles will be continuously blocked as long as time is stopped for you, and reflected all at once when time moves again.)
    • Having too many projectiles blocked at once this way will cause the game to lag once time resumes.
  • Artisan's Parry (Allows the player to block almost every projectile and melee attack, but requires the Parry to be perfectly timed for blocking. Additionally, like that of Drifter, the player is still vulnerable to enemies that can attack from behind or above.)
  • Vestige's Backflip (In the air, doesn't give I-Frames.)
  • Visitor's Burrow (Under the ground, still vulnerable to attacks that hit the ground.)
  • Subject's Blink (I-Frames)
  • Dreamer's Power Smash (In the air, doesn't give I-Frames.)
  • Dreamer's Signature Move (Again, in the air, doesn't give I-Frames.)
  • Parting's Leap/Smash (both are in the air, allowing the player to evade most attacks)
  • Drifter's Block (Allows the player to block most projectiles and melee attacks only if the sword is hit first instead of the player. Still vulnerable to enemies that can attack from behind, or enemies that attack from above.
  • Drifter's Slide (Low to the ground, allowing you to have a smaller hitbox, however it still leaves you vulnerable to attacks that attack through the ground.)
  • Hot Rash's Hot Flash (Almost full invincibility, except for attacks that are created within the shield's boundary as those projectiles will bypass it, and Half Horse's Life Drain.)
  • Hellion's Roll (I-Frames)
  • Hellion's Stubs Roll (I-Frames)
  • Hellion's Backflip (I-Frames)
  • Hellion's HONK (Massive shield hitbox, but leaves the player especially vulnerable to enemy Fiend Riders, Hellions, and the Resident Mind clone with their own cars.)


  • Sand may be a reference to the stand Kraft Work (Arts and Crafts) as the stand freezes object, allowing infinite force to be applied which will all burst out at once when the object is unfrozen.
  • Sand OC was changed in the Parting Update, previously it could be charged infinitely leading to absurdly long stretches of altered time speed.