Rule is one of the 29 Tempos currently available in HOURS. It is available to the player after beating Mirai Mirror using Prophet, but only if you have the Hands of Time gamepass.


When activated the screen will glitch for a moment, akin to King Crimson's Time Erase VFX. It skips half a second of both you and the enemy's actions, which nullifies any damage that occurred to you during that time but not the damage that you caused.

For example, activating this Tempo while swinging with the Prophet's Heavy Strike causes the enemy you're about to hit to be damaged by the swing that you skipped, and activating this Tempo when you're about to be hit with, say, an attack from Unlimited Blades, will cause the attack to end without you being damaged.

The cooldown is 2 seconds. When Overclocked, the enemy's time is not skipped, the amount of time skipped becomes one second, and the cooldown is reduced to 1 second.

Tips and Trivia


Non-Overclocked: Preferably when using Rule, you should use it as a means of dodging. Upon using it will cancel all future events that could have happened. You could also use it to skip the wind-up time for abilities with longer start-ups.

Example: Captain Ivory fires his cannon at you and you have no other way to escape the explosive zone. You could use Rule, which will cancel that event occurring.

Overclocked: This can be really useful as a dash with invincibility frames, similar to Subject's Dashing ability.


  • Rule, like Omit, is inspired from the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure stand King Crimson's ability to erase time.