Ronin Alpha - The First Drifter is the Boss of Mirai Mirror.


Ronin appears as a classic Roblox noob with a large katana in the same color scheme. He appears out of a blue pixelated portal that fades as he runs on the water to the stage while Goliath Omega rises from the water on the opposite side.

On the night version of the map, Midnight Mirror, Ronin Alpha is given Guest-like colors.

On White Waters, the 3rd variation of the map, Ronin Alpha's torso is a random color, with blue pants and a sand colored skin tone.



Ronin slashes with his katana. Each sword hit deals 3/6/12/18 damage, regardless of the attack.


Ronin Alpha throws his katana, which then spins around Ronin Alpha, hitting twice.

Katana Throw

Ronin will throw his katana forward while the katana spins, hitting twice.

Chain Slash

Ronin will jump into the air and slam the katana 3 times toward the target.

Trick Shift

Ronin will attempt to run around the host to get behind them before attacking with one of the attacks above.

Parry (Passive)

Ronin will block attacks with the same manner as Artisan's Parry, preventing all damage and staggering melee attackers while active. By default, Ronin Alpha parries for 0.33 seconds, but this time is reset with each successful block, allowing Ronin to parry multiple attacks with a single charge. This ability has 3 charges and restores 1 charge every 2 seconds.

Knockdown Resistance (Passive)

Any crowd control effect applied to Ronin Alpha (stagger, stun, silence, disarm, root, or slow) lasts for half its normal duration.


Ronin runs towards and will circle the host. He will always start with Katana Throw and follow up with Chain Slash afterwards. He will circle the host and chase them, and will always use one of the listed abilities above; if one isn't on cooldown already, he has a minor delay before using another.

Ronin attacks more often if they hit a wall or corner.


  • Ronin Alpha is a very tricky boss to fight on Minutes or Seconds difficulty: If he parries your melee attack, you will be staggered for a short amount of time, and Ronin will dash behind you to attack. Since hosts that have below average speed are terrible at recovering from crowd control effects, it's not recommended to take risks, and it is recommended to attack Ronin at melee range only while he's attacking, with a few exceptions such as Witness' Smite and Visitor's Beam. Only attack when a time-stopping tempo is activated or when you have the chance.
  • Like with Equinox, move in a circular pattern as much as you can to avoid both melee and ranged attacks.
  • Slow attacks like Prophet's Heavy Strike and burst combo attacks like Invader's Spin Slash must be timed for a moment in which Ronin Alpha is attacking, otherwise he will parry before the attack lands or is finished.
  • Use “AOE” attacks (such as Witness’s Smite or Dreamers Eruption) to hit Ronin Alpha as these are not auto-parried. If, however, he is currently in a parry state and is hit by one of these it will get parried.


  • A rōnin is a samurai without a lord or master; it directly translates into "drifter" or "wanderer". Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and has a value of 1 in the system of Greek numerals. Hence, the First Drifter.
  • The large noob in the background is named Goliath Omega.[1]
  • The echo Host of this boss, Drifter, was added to the game on April 4th, 2021, under the original name "Failure".
  • Ronin Alpha is the only boss known to have their background music changed (Their theme was originally Avalon, Whilst being changed to Homestuck - Dance of Thorns ).
  • Ronin Alpha used to be able to parry during stopped time. This was later patched.
    • Even so, he can still block attacks if he is already parrying while time is stopped.



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