The final boss of HOURS.

Resident Mind - All the World's Prayers is the final Boss of HOURS.


Resident Mind is a glowing white, with gray eyes. It floats a few inches from the ground.


Phase 1: (Intro)

During Phase 1, Resident Mind is unable to be damaged, does not have a health bar, and is almost invulnerable. Surviving all of the attacks, deflecting with Overclocked Loch, or killing him with the Cheat menu from Hands of Time and Donation gamepasses will cause Phase 2 to begin.

(Note: You can kill him with OC Loch by reflecting the damage of the attacks.)

Orb Summon

Resident Mind will appear and pull in orbs from around the arena. Touching the orbs deal 4 damage each.

Tip for Orb Summon: Get a good distance from a solid, not glowing, part of the wall. Dodge orbs accordingly, making sure to turn sideways for a smaller hitbox.

Light Beam

Resident Mind will repeatedly attempt to cut the player by running laser beams at their position, one at a time and with a pause in between. Deals 6 damage each hit.

Tip for Light Beam: The only two things that can be done are dodging and blocking. Resident Mind will initially fire at the ground near you before attempting to slice you with it, therefore attempt to go crosswise from where you would expect the laser to go once you see it appear. Tempos or abilities that allow you to avoid direct damage for a duration are helpful at this time.

Light Vortex

Resident Mind will fire 2 beams from each hand and spin at extreme speeds, damaging everything in the center of the room for 10 each hit.

Tip for Light Vortex: Make sure you're in the corner of the room, or at least on the walls. Immediately flee from the area once the attack is over.

Light Orbs

After completing Light Vortex, Resident Mind will throw 2 big orbs at the sides of the player. Deals 10 damage+ knockback.

Tip for Light Orbs: Once Resident Mind throws the orbs, move toward him and allow them to explode behind you. Do not use movement abilities unless your character is incredibly slow.

Homing Eruptions

2 lines of eruptions appear from the center of each orb and start to predict the player's movement in a circular pattern. Deals 5 damage per hit.

Tip for Homing Eruptions: Continue moving forward. Do not stop moving. If you're playing a host that is too fast/slow, try to adjust your speed, but stay consistent. Use wide turns in order to avoid walls rather than turning immediately. (Note: You can spin in circles)

Laser Barrage

Resident mind summons multiple orbs from the ceiling from where the homing eruption once were to shoot lasers at the player after 1 second of delay. Deals 5 damage each.

Tip for Laser Barrage: Turn your camera downward, walk forward, and keep track of the aiming lasers. If you notice one cross your feet, quickly move in another direction to avoid it.


Resident Mind will summon a circle of Eruptions then a single Eruption in the middle, causing stun before finishing with the Signature Move in the center. Deals 8 damage each.

Tip for Eruptions: This attack is incredibly difficult to dodge cleanly without any kind of mobility move or tempo. The easiest way to predict it is to note when the music gets dramatic and there are only a few laser barrage circles in the ceiling remaining. Once this occurs, immediately attempt to rush away from your current position. Alternatively, if no such tools are available, it should be noted that it is almost always preferable to be hit by one of the outer eruptions rather than the center one in order to dodge Signature Move. In this case, walk and attempt to get away from the expected epicenter of the attack once you know it is coming.

Signature Move

Resident Mind will slam a grand piano into the center of the ring of eruptions, dealing 25% of your health and massive stagger. He will then vanish and move on to phase 2.

Successfully parrying the grand piano slam using any blocking move will grant the Hint tempo.

Tip for Signature Move: It is relatively easy to dodge compared to Eruptions, since the only way you can get hit by it is by getting nailed by the center eruption in the previous attack. Stay clear of the general area.

Phase 2: (Intermezzo)

During Phase 2, Resident Mind will transform into a white neon version of the player's host and copies all attacks, upgrades, and abilities from the player, apart from their Tempo. Upon spawning, it will be in the same state as you (e.g.: if you are in the middle of an attack when the clone spawns, the clone will spawn in the middle of the same attack). After defeating the clone, it plays the death animation of your host as it proceeds to Phase 3.

Note: This clone also mirrors your playstyle so it will copy how you play, try to find weaknesses in the way you play and exploit them to beat your clone. If this fails, spam your tempo. That's the only way.

Phase 3 (Finale)

Resident Mind will rise up from the ground as itself and begin furiously attacking.

Nova Swarm

Sprays small orbs of energy around himself in a wavelike pattern, dealing 4 damage each. Each orb will go a certain amount of distance before reversing direction.

Tip for Nova Swarm: Get as far away as possible.

Hyper Beam

Rapidly fires a beam towards the player, dealing 1 damage per tick for a few seconds. During this, Resident Mind will circle around the player in a random direction.

Tip for Hyper Beam: Move in the opposite direction as Resident Mind (i.e.: if Resident Mind moves to your right, run to your left and vice-versa).

Mega Beam

Fires a large beam that sweeps over a wide area dealing 10 damage. If Resident mind is attacked during the attack he will turn his beam to you (does not apply to stun or stagger moves)

Tip for Mega Beam: Use any shield options or attempt to dodge using a jumping ability. It comes out incredibly quickly, however.


Fires a large, constantly exploding orb of energy that will constantly bounce off walls and home onto the player, dealing 5 damage if hit with an explosion, and 10 damage if hit with the orb itself.

Tip for Coalescence: Run in a straight line and once the sphere of light passes you run the other way. It is also recommended to pan your camera to keep an eye on the sphere to know where it is.

Oscillating Spheres

Fires 7 orbs of energy that deal 6 damage and will bounce off walls, homing onto the player and split into 3 smaller orbs that also arc towards the player dealing 4 damage each.

Tip for Oscillating Spheres: Run in a medium-tight circle while panning your camera around to look for incoming orbs.


Creates multiple eruptions chaotically in a large area for 8 damage each.

Tip for Upheaval: Get away from where you are fast. If you find yourself in a beam then use either I-frames or a mobility move. (Example for I-frames: Blink, Example for mobility: Dash Slash)

Upheaval (Circle)

Summons a circle of 6 eruptions 8 times on a target, dealing 8 damage each eruption. The center of the circle will be offset from the target in a random direction.

Tip for Upheaval (Circle): Either attempt to cancel the attack by hitting Resident Mind or turn your camera downward and attempt to stay within the center of the eruptions. These blasts can be inaccurate, so stand still and move about 2 studs every time a new circle is cast.

Beam Barrage

Fires 3 beams from its hands towards the player, causing a burst of 3 beams to fire from the room every 0.5 seconds, deals 1 damage each beam.

Tip for Beam Barrage: Keep walking in one direction. When hitting a wall, use a movement or i-frame ability to cross over the beams or carefully time your reversal to ensure you do not get hit.

Power Smash

Rises up into the air then slams down onto the player, creating an explosion that deals 10 damage.

Tip for Power Smash: This is the only move where Resident Mind flies up into the air before using it. Due to this, there is plenty of time to walk away before Resident Mind crashes downward. Reserve movement abilities for slow characters or if you are late in reacting.

Power Slam

Charges up a punch in the form of a large sphere before dashing at the player and punching them, knocking them back, and dealing 10 damage.

Tip for Power Slam: Run left or right, DO NOT run away from Resident Mind.

Power Charge

Rapidly charges at the player before creating a large eruption, dealing 10 damage.

Tip for Power Charge: Use your tempo, or simply move to Resident mind's direction. There is very little warning when this move is about to come out, so constantly remain on the move in the event that it is use.

Triple Eruption

Fires 2 lines of eruptions on beside the player, pauses briefly, then fires another line of eruptions in the middle, each dealing 8 damage.

Tip for Triple Eruption: Because there is almost no warning, allow the two lines of eruptions to pass you before moving sideways to dodge the third eruption rather than attempt to dodge the entire thing. Distance from Resident Mind is incredibly helpful. Fast hosts or Prophets dash can completely negate this attack.

Dodge (Passive)

Resident Mind will quickly dash to the left or right when an attack is about to land. Cannot dodge while using an attack.

Tip for countering Dodge: Long and wide ranged melee moves such as Stab/Heavy strike. Otherwise use time-stop/time acceleration tempos.


Resident Mind will hover and move at high speed in a large circle when telegraphing his attack.


Resident Mind includes all three phases of the epilogue stage. He is incredibly dangerous to the unprepared.

In the first phase of the fight, small orbs coalesce on the outer walls and gather into the middle, each dealing 8 damage. Once the ball in the middle is large enough, it will float up to Resident Mind and lasers which go across the ground will be fired at the player for 12 damage. Afterwards, he creates a circle with two large lasers which goes inwards and then outwards. Then, two balls of exploding energy are thrown to the sides of the player, pillars of light forming that chase after the player. Finally, orbs from the ceiling fire tiny lasers, and once that's done, pillars of light that stun the player will strike and Resident Mind will slam down a piano - the same one from the title screen. It is possible to avoid the piano or the pillars entirely, though the easiest way to do so is to use a Tempo that would allow you to dodge. If you survive this first phase, phase two begins.

At the start of phase two, a clone of the player's Host is created in the center of the map, copying all their upgrades and abilities. The only differences between the Host and this clone are the increased health and lack of a Tempo. The clone's AI was originally based on your movements during Mirai Mirror, however a recent update changed this to learning from every stage. Once it is defeated, phase three begins where the clone died.

During phase three, Resident Mind will use randomly selected attacks based on which one would work best in his given scenario. (This used to be a pattern but in the Parting update it changed.) dodging the player's attacks and projectiles when not dashing around the room or using attacks of its own. It can, fire a spray of orbs that go out from where they were fired, then back inward, launching themselves towards you, or he'll fire a beam from his right arm that always tracks you, but can be avoided by simply moving left from his body, or he'll dash towards you with a ball of light, emulating a punch. He might raise his arm, creating many light pillars in a large area randomly, then he'll fire 8 orbs which bounce around the arena, which then split into 3 smaller orbs that launch themselves towards you, after which he'll fire 3 lasers that fire off the walls and track you, then he'll fly up and slam down at your location, then create a line of light pillars in a V, then another line aiming straight at you in rapid succession, then he'll fire a large orb that launches itself towards you 4 times, and after that he'll fire a near unavoidable laser that sweeps through the arena in front of him, which can only be avoided with omit or standing behind him. After that he'll kneel and create circles of light pillars around you several times, and finishing off by dashing towards you and slamming the ground, creating a light pillar. After using that attack, he'll repeat the entire pattern.


Phase 1

Stay near the middle, but not too close to the middle. Keep dodging the pellets and move in random directions while avoiding the beam. You will need to stay near the corners when doing this. After it does a laser beam spin, simply stay in the corners then when it is about to launch the attack at you, move forward or walk in a tight circle. Keep doing this until the eruptions disappear. Then run into the middle, dodging the lasers. If you are on low health and you get staggered right at the end of the laser barrage, use time-freezing tempos if you can, to maximize your survival chances. You can also use Overclocked Omit, as the Overclocked version is infinite.

Phase 2

This phase can depend on which host you are playing as. Regardless of your choice, however, you cannot beat your clone in a head-on battle as it has the same damage output as you but with more health. If locked in constant attacks, try to disengage as fast as you can.

Here is a list of host-dependent tips.

  • Invader - Keep your distance to avoid the clone's Dash Slashes as they deal a decently large amount of damage and travel quite far. Run away if your clone has Empower active due to the damage boost and lifesteal it grants. If you want to be aggressive, try to use Dash Slash or Spin Slash to get quick hits on the clone before running away. Otherwise, tempos are your friend, especially time stopping or speed based ones.
  • Prophet - If your clone charges Heavy Strike, get away immediately. You will either take a significant amount of damage or be instantly killed when hit, even with full health and shield. Like with Invader, keep charging up your tempo and attack when you have the chance. Your selected tempo will help greatly with getting attacks in without getting hit back, especially time stopping or speed based ones.
  • Witness - Try to keep your distance, and only go in to attack when your clone is stunned, usually by your Smite. Run away when the stun is over. Alternatively, use Shield to be aggressive and absorb hits you may take. If your clone uses Shield, back off and wait for the Shield to expire before using Smite or going in to attack. Be cautious of its Smite ability, since it is difficult to avoid without tempos or certain upgrades like Memento Mori or Wings of Invention and deals a substantial amount of damage, also briefly stunning. Use Shield if you see your clone using Smite to prevent being stunned and reduce damage taken. Also be cautious if you took the Cosmic Spearhead upgrade, as it will one shot you if Shield isn't active.
  • Artisan - Use your turrets or units to deal passive damage while you try to defeat your clone. The clone can create turrets and units as well, so be cautious and prioritize them. Try to use Parry when the clone uses Barrage, as it can be hard to dodge and is much easier to shield through. Due to Auto Repairs, your clone boasts powerful regeneration that can drag the fight along, and can be especially annoying if you took any upgrades that improves Auto Repairs or activates Auto Repairs briefly, so try to defeat your clone quickly when its health gets low.
    • There is also a bug where the clone's melee attack cannot reach your turret. You may be able to use this method, but it is not recommended since it does not happen very often.
  • Vestige - The clone's accuracy is extremely high, and is almost guaranteed to hit you even when you are moving, unless you toggle the Auto Aim setting off. The upgrade "Circulation" will further increase the difficulty of the clone, so it is not recommended unless you are good at dodging. Use Halt and Dive as much as you can, hope that you get lucky with critical shots and keep moving. Do not stop until you can freeze time or if the clone is vulnerable. Additionally, it may shoot in random directions to confuse you.
  • Visitor - Use Skewer as an opening to use Beam. Try to interrupt your clone's Beam with either Skewer or Burrow since it can deal large amounts of damage unchecked. The difficulty of the clone greatly depends on upgrades taken. Hurting Me allows Skin to negate a large amount of damage from your Drill or Beam, even the final powerful hit. Unfinished Recor makes it impossible to sidestep your clone's Beam due to the increased turning speed. Null Of and Absolute Nil have slowing effects that destroy Visitor's already terrible speed, with Null Of in particular making it impossible to escape from Beam. Thousand Space causes Skewer to travel farther and home in on enemies, making it difficult to dodge. On the bright side, all the listed upgrades still help you tremendously, and you just need to keep the upper-hand by utilizing Skewer, Burrow, and your tempo to defeat the clone as fast as possible.
  • Subject - Your clone will most likely brew potions constantly, so keep a far distance from them. Use Blink as much as possible if they throw potions. Brew Lightning and Frost potions to stun and debuff your clone, and activate Halt in order to brew more potions/deal damage to your clone. If you mostly used Q to make potions then right before he appears brew a useless potion as he will make that potion every time he makes a potion using Q making the fight much easier.
  • Parting - You want to stun your clone with combos as much as possible, so that it can't stun-lock you to death instead. Clashing causes combo to build up so use that as an advantage to start a combo with. If you get caught in a combo, it's best for you to leap out of it, and then use the smash immediately after.
  • Dreamer - Dreamer's Clone is extremely hard to defeat, despite its low health. Dreamer has a very low amount of health, so you will need to be as careful as possible and like with Subject, keep a very far distance. Use Hover to dodge its attacks and spam Burst during time stop.
  • Equinox - Since your clone has lifesteal, it's especially difficult to defeat since it'll keep the clone in the fight for substantially longer. Keep your distance and use Roll Slash, Upward Slash, or Dash Slash to hit and run. Darkheart grants lifesteal, so if your health is low, try to hit your clone with the left blade when using Dash Slash. Acrobatics are a bit difficult to use due to their long animations leaving you vulnerable to punishment, but the smaller chains are fine for quick damage. When using longer chains of Acrobatics, be ready to cancel it with Leap in case your clone returns with its own attack. Time stopping or speed-based tempos will help substantially if trying to use Acrobatics at all.
  • Bloxxer - Try to prevent your clone from attacking, as you are too slow to dodge any of his attacks effectively. You should also avoid letting your clone sink into the ground, as this grants it a shield and temporary allies the same way it does for you. Use Nail Rain whenever he is far away from you or has his shield active, as the nails from Nail Rain will be deflected from the top while your hitbox is just low enough that none of the deflected nails will hit you.
  • Drifter - Your clone can be a nuisance due to its passive Parry effect making it difficult to get hits in. Use Orbit to generate dummies, then start getting in close to deal damage. Your clone will be too occupied trying to handle the rather tanky dummies, and will have likely used up its charges of Parry trying to defend against their attacks. If your clone summons its own dummies with Orbit, run away and use your own orbit to generate dummies before trying to attack again, since Drifter has a bit of trouble handling many enemies and you'll get overwhelmed. If you use a time stopping Tempo, your clone is still able to parry when frozen in time, so it would be best to freeze time while your clone is attacking or not being attacked. (This has been changed, or at least for Ronin. Please change this if you find it not accurate.)
  • Hot Rash - Your clone will mostly try to attack using Hot Gash, so keep your distance and try to counter attack after he uses Hot Slash, or just whittle his health down from a distance with Hot Kalash. However, your clone's Hot Kalash is extremely dangerous as it deals a lot of damage and is nearly impossible to dodge or block effectively. Your clone can be staggered to end this move immediately, but if you can't stagger your clone, try to get up close to exploit the blind spot in front of him or run to your left or right which will give you a higher chance of dodging the bullets.
  • Hellion - Your clone is basically a stronger version of "Fiend Rider" so just run around, dodge his Paintball Barrage and HONK attack and ram him with your HONK attack. It's important to wait for your clone to use HONK first because colliding with an enemy Fiend Rider in a phantom car while in a phantom car will kill both users instantly.
  • Buffoon - Try to interrupt or avoid his Bolt EX as much as possible, as it can be used to rack up a lot of damage. If you're using Aspect of God, use a time-stopping tempo and attack him from a close enough distance that your projectiles won't veer off their course to the point of missing their mark (and be wary of your own hard-hitting attacks, as those can bring back a huge chunk of his HP).

Keep in mind that the clones' movements and attacks are based off how you play in previous stages.

Phase 3

Resident Mind can dodge your attacks, so try to use an overwhelming amount of attacks to prevent him from dodging.

He plays similarly to Drifter, but instead of parrying, he dodges your attacks. Most M1 attacks will only work during an attack. It's better to attack only when Resident Mind is in one place during his attack. But, keep in mind, attacks still exist, so try to dodge them as well.

Resident Mind will arise from the where the clone died. He will cycle through attacks he thinks are appropriate.

  • Nova Swarm - Deals devastating damage the closer you are. Try to keep him on the wall so it'll eat the bullets.
  • Hyper Beam - For Hosts with a parry, use that ability. Drifter will always auto-parry this move if you have any parry charges. Otherwise, move in the opposite direction as Resident Mind. Hosts with a large hitbox while moving (like Subject due to his arms) can still get hit while moving. Or use moves that can either teleport, sink, jump, etc.
  • Power Slam - Like with Hyper Beam, continue running in one direction. If you are playing with a slow host, you will most likely have no choice but to take the hit or at least try to dodge, which is why they're called a tank.
  • Upheaval - Move towards Resident Mind while dodging the bursts and try to attack him.
  • Oscillating Spheres - This attack is almost impossible to avoid, but you can attempt to maximize your survival chances by luring Resident Mind onto the middle of the arena in advance or by using a move that heals/shields you.
  • Beam Barrage - Like with Power Slam, keep running in one direction. If there is no more space, run in the opposite direction.
  • Power Smash - Move in the opposite direction of where Resident Mind is homing at.
  • Triple Eruption - Keep your distance from Resident mind. Move to the left or right when you see the side beams.
  • Coalescence - Watch the ball as it knocks around the map. Stay in the middle carpet and try not to let it burst on you. If you're playing visitor and have the 'Hurting Me' upgrade, do just the opposite, stay in the corner because this attack isn't time-based. It's based on how many times the ball has bounced.
  • Circle Upheaval - Stand still and use quick reactions to stay in the center. If you can't evade, at least make sure you're only inside of one beam.
  • Power Charge - Run to the left or right as he hits. If you're using a slow host and can't dodge, utilize your tempo.

Obviously, you should attack whenever you have the chance. The best chances to attack are when Resident Mind finishes using Hyper Beam or Beam Barrage. You may use whichever attack patterns that suits you best. He cannot dual-attack. (e.g. while Coalescence is active, he cannot use Nova Swarm.)

His eyes leave a trail before he uses an attack so look out


  • Upon defeat, the player may no longer use their tempo.
  • Before an attack Resident Mind's eyes will leave a glowing white aura. Maybe a reference to King Crimson's Epitaph ability, in which it's eyes glows similar to many Jojo games on Roblox.
  • Resident Mind will always face towards the player.
  • Resident Mind has his Death Animation during his first phase, if you kill him. With said Tempos at the top of the page.
  • Your clone’s health amount decrease when you are on Minutes/Seconds
  • Resident Mind's Signature Move is a reference to Dio's Road-roller.
  • If you're playing as Hellion and both you and your clone run into each other with cars, both you and your clone will die.
  • Resident Mind is the only enemy in the game that is not based of something in Roblox (I.e. hats, weapons, or clans).


Entering Stage - Bunny Girl 23.Aversion

Phase 1 - Golden Wind OST - Magnetica

Phase 2 - Golden Wind OST - Chariot

Phase 3 - Golden Wind OST - Cavaliere