"Enslaved by fate, he foresees, and makes it true. With dull eyes, he looks forward to the end of the line, after which the rest is blank."

The Prophet is one of the fifteen Hosts featured in HOURS.


The Prophet is a host based around heavy attacks. He can be unlocked by completing Peacock Peaks. He focuses on heavy singular hits to deal massive damage. His True Name is Doomdestine.


The Prophet has a blue color scheme and wields a large light-spear. The spear has a crystal embedded on its head and has a gray handle. The Prophet also appears to be wearing a crown of some kind which resembles a classic Roblox hat known as the Domino Crown.


The Prophet is the fastest tank host. His attacks appear slow, and they have blind spots in front of him, but their massive damage compensates.


Stab (M1 Combo) is slower than most basic attacks, but deals more damage than others in addition to having a longer range. The combo cycles through 3 slightly different spear lunge animations with the same hitbox.

Heavy Strike (M2) has a very long windup time, but if it hits, it deals extremely high damage, even to bosses. Heavy Strike tends to rely on tempos to land a hit, whether that tempo is used to stop or slow time, accelerate your own time, or get a second chance at attacking. The most highly recommended Tempo for this purpose is Star, as it shares its duration and cooldown with Heavy Strike.

Dash (SHIFT) Works very quickly. It covers a shorter distance than other dash skills, but has 2 charges. It is unaffected by auto-aim.

Regeneration (Q) heals Prophet for (by default) 3 HP every 0.5 seconds until out of charges. (When the skill is activated, all charges will be consumed.) Like most of Prophets obtainable abilities, this ability has a unique cooldown system: Rather than a time-based recovery, a charge is regained every time a Stab deals damage.


Break Off consumes Prophet's charges of Regeneration to create an explosion around himself which stuns enemies. The more charges of Regeneration used, the more damage the explosion deals, and the longer enemies are stunned in the blast.

Flurry quickly stabs 4 times for the same damage of a normal Stab on each hit. Each hit from Flurry counts as dealing damage with Stab to gain charges of Regeneration. This ability has no cooldown; it is recharged by dealing damage with Stab 10 times after being used. If all stabs of Flurry hit a target, this number is effectively reduced to 6, so the attack should be used confidently.

Sky Break Javelin throws a spear of light at enemies. Enemies damaged by the spear are impaled and travel with the spear. After 1 second of air time, or when it hits a wall, the spear will explode for additional damage. This ability has no cooldown; it is recharged by dealing damage with Heavy Strike. Because Heavy Strike is typically rather difficult to land a hit with, this skill should be used before attempting a Heavy Strike if it is available to gain the most possible opportunities to use it; if a Heavy Strike hits while this skill's cooldown is refreshed, a use of this skill is wasted.

Awaken, My Servant summons a Lost Lancer for 24 seconds. It deals moderate damage and has slightly less HP than an average host. This ability has no cooldown; it is recharged by dealing 300 damage.

Follow Up is a perk that can be taken pertaining to Heavy Strike. Each time Heavy Strike deals damage, the next usage of Stab becomes a Whirl instead, a spin attack which can hit twice and deals the damage of a Stab on each hit with a quarter of the damage dealt by the last Heavy Strike as bonus. Both hits from Whirl count as dealing damage with Stab to regain Charges of Regeneration. Because this attack effectively allows Prophet to deal almost all the damage of a Heavy Strike, it should be used immediately after the Heavy Strike while the enemy is still stunned so it cannot miss, as the name of the perk promotes.



Health: 100

Health Regen: 0.33/s

Speed: 10 studs/s

Stab (M1 Combo): Stab for 20 damage. Grants 1 charge of Regeneration on hit. 3-hit Combo.

Heavy Strike (M2): After a lengthy windup (1 second), unleash a strike that deals 100 damage. [10s CD]

Dash (SHIFT): Dash in any direction. Holds up to 2 charges. [2s CD]

Regeneration (Q): Consume all charges, healing 3 health over 0.5 seconds for each charge consumed. Holds up to 10 charges.

Obtainable Moves

Break Off

Activate to consume all charges of Regeneration to unleash an explosion, dealing 20 damage. Deals 10 bonus damage and stuns for 0.3 seconds for each charge of Regeneration consumed. Can be used while using other abilities. 20 second cooldown. [ID : 21]


Activate to Stab 4 times in quick succession, dealing 20 damage each time. Recharge by dealing damage with Stab 10 times. [ID : 22]

Sky Break Javelin

Activate to throw a spear of light, pinning hit enemies and dealing 40 damage. After 1 second, the spear explodes, dealing 40 damage and stunning for 1 second. Recharge by landing Heavy Strike. [ID : 23]

Awaken, My Servant

Activate to summon a Lost Lancer that has 80 health and deals 15 damage for 24 seconds. Recharge by dealing 300 damage. [ID : 24]

Move Changes


Ground Inferno Lance: Stab applies Burn, dealing 3 damage per second and decreasing armor by 10 for 4 seconds. Successive attacks refresh the duration and increase the armor debuff amount by 10 up to 50. [ID : 2]

Hard Light Spear: Stab shoots a flying spear that deals 10 damage and grants 1 charge of Dash for each hit. [ID : 3]

The End Draws Near: Every 4th Stab in a combo deals 10% of the target's maximum health as damage. [ID : 4]

Thirst for Battle: Stab increases the duration of active Regeneration by 1.5 seconds. [ID : 1]

Heavy Strike

Eyes of the Death God: Heavy Strike grants 5 stacks of Regeneration. All healing received will increase the damage of the next Heavy Strike by 150% of the healing amount. [ID : 7]

Follow Up: Heavy Strike changes the next Stab to Whirl, dealing 20+25%x2 of the total damage dealt by Heavy Strike as damage. [ID : 6]

Mortal Wound: Heavy Strike deals an additional 25% of the target's remaining health as damage. [ID : 5]

Open Guard: Heavy Strike grants 75 armor and unstoppable while being channeled. Heavy Strike stuns for 3 seconds. [ID : 8]

Crushing Blow: If Heavy Strike deals damage, the next use of Heavy Strike deals 80% more damage and slows for 125% fading over 5 seconds. [ID : 14]

Overflowing Vitality: Heavy Strike heals for 20% of the damage it deals. Half of excess healing is transformed into shields. [ID : 12]


I Hear the Abyss: Dash range increased by 50%, grants 1 Regeneration charge. [ID : 19]

Oblivion Descends: Dash increases damage of next Stab by 75%. [ID : 20]

Voice in a Vaccum: Dash deals 15 damage in an area, sucking targets inwards. [ID : 18]


Body of Steel: Each charge of Regeneration increases armor by 4. Stab grants 2 charges of Regeneration. [ID : 9]

Fast Recovery: Regeneration heals 6 health immediately, increased by 1 for each charge consumed. Refund 30% of charges consumed. [ID : 16]

Heart of Steel: Increase maximum charges of Regeneration to 15. Gain 1 charge of Regeneration every 3 seconds. [ID : 11]

Mind of Steel: Each charge of Regeneration increases power by 4%. Taking more than 4 damage grants 1 charge of Regeneration. [ID : 10]

Spirited Abundance: Regeneration heals 133% more if used at full charges. [ID : 15]

Tremble in My Presence: Every time Regeneration heals, deal 10 damage to nearby enemies. [ID : 17]

Eyes on Me: Whenever a charge of Regeneration is gained, heal 3 health. [ID : 13]



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  • When using Heavy Strike, avoid being too close to the enemy, as the hitbox is only on the blade of the spear.
  • The Rush tempo almost completely mitigates the windup time of Heavy Strike.
  • The Star tempo is perfect for Heavy Strike because of its timing: Heavy Strike winds up for 1 second and attacks for 1 second, with a 10 second cooldown that begins when the attack starts, while Star freezes time for enemies for 2 seconds -- the exact amount of time needed to charge and land a heavy strike -- with the exact same cooldown time as Heavy Strike itself when the attack is finished, 8 seconds. This means every usage of Heavy Strike can be done in conjunction with Star to guarantee a hit with each use.
  • Note that when the spear is thrown with the obtainable skill Sky Break Javelin, it becomes a projectile and thus can be reflected back at the Prophet with Bloxxerman's Shield.


  • Back when HOURS was in development, Prophet's name was "Spearlight", and his full title was "Fate Bound, Fate Sealed, Fate Denied- Endritch Doomdestine Caeseworth, He Who Awaits at the End of the Line".
  • With the right upgrades, Prophet can easily complete the game without taking any true damage, making him the ideal Host for unlocking Drifter.
  • "Awaken, My Servant" is a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and the "Awaken, my masters!" line from Wamuu.
  • The Prophet appears as a gladiator card in a Roblox card game named "Blox Cards".