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Potions are the main part of Subject's arsenal, used to damage / debuff enemies or to buff himself / his weapon. When brewed, the potions are automatically stored on Subject's back. Subject can hold a maximum of 3 potions at a time, and will not be able to brew any potions when this limit is reached. Potions change color with Chromashift, which can confuse players if they don't have the recipes memorized.

When brewing, the first input dictates what type of potion it will be. Left click makes an imbuing potion, right click makes a throwing potion, Q will create your most recent potion (doing this without making a potion prior creates a life imbuing potion), and E will create a random potion.

The other 3 inputs decides what potion you're creating. Below are the recipes for each potion and its effects. Remember that the first input decides what potion you're making, so be sure to make that input before adding these.

(L = Left click) (R = Right click)

LLL: Life | Effect: Heal

RRR: Frost | Effect: Slow

RLL: Fire | Effect: Explosion

LRR: Wind | Effect: Speed boost

LRL: Earth | Effect: Defense boost

RLR: Poison | Effect: DoT / Poison

LLR: Water | Effect: Regeneration

RRL: Shadow | Effect: Marks enemies. Enemies marked take extra damage.

LLQ: Crystal | Effect: Shield

RRQ: Nether | Effect: Debuffs enemy damage

LRQ: Blood | Effect: Extra damage

RLQ: Lightning | Effect: Stun + Damage

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