Peacock Peaks is the first stage in the game. The Boss of this stage is Equinox.


The stage resembles a classic Roblox game called Sword Fights on the Heights. In fact, almost all the enemies have some sort of reference of it. It consists of a cyan floor, a background of cyan and yellow buildings, red spinners and a red pathway.


The enemies here spawn by teleporting onto the arena. There are a total of ten enemies that can be encountered before fighting Equinox, the Boss.

Stage Variants

As the name suggests, these are variants of Peacock Peaks. They will appear radically different from the original edition, as will the enemies and bosses of each stage variants. The stage variants does not affect the gameplay in any way, whatsoever. Currently, the only stage variants are Heron Heights and Starlight Stack

Heron Heights

A glowing Artisan hued blue in contrast to Heron Heights.

The background's blocky buildings shift to a brown, gold, and orange color scheme, while the floor material is altered to wood. The border surrounding the battle arena will have a gold color. Combining all the colors together, it becomes even more reminiscent of Sword Fight on the Heights than Peacock Peaks. All foes will have color variants, all of which are complementary and/or similar to the hue brown. Minor adjustments are made to Equinox—his pink side will have a tint of gold instead. All the enemies' changes are listed here: WIP

Starling Stacks

"Drifter seems like he can't breathe don't you think"

The entire region will be transformed into a purple, white, and black color scheme. The spinners turn fluorescent pink, and the walkways turn black and white. The border turns purple. All of this adds up to a luminous and "starlight-ish" theme. All foes will have color variants, including a blue, purple, and red color scheme. Equinox's light half becomes pure white. All the enemies' changes are listed here: WIP