"His will becomes her reality, her hands create his destiny. Together, they seek out what they've lost."

Parting is one of the fifteen Hosts featured in HOURS.


Parting is a fast paced melee-oriented host, unlocked upon completing the game with the Page tempo on Hours Difficulty or above. He is quite obviously the most blatant reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventures in the game, even having his own stand. His true name is Misteresque.


Parting (He, right) has neon turquoise lines throughout his body, has a white Ushanka with a black star in the middle of it, and a face similar to the autobahn logo.

Easy Lover (She, left) has black stripes along her legs and on her chest and has neon fists.


Parting is a unique host with the power to amplify his attacks using Easy Lover, which, for the lack of a better term, is his 'stand'. He is focused on landing as many attacks as possible in the shortest amount of time available.

Parting has a unique passive ability known as Combo. He gains 1 stack of Combo every time he deals damage with his M1 and M2 abilities or blocks an attack with Easy Lover. Every second he goes without dealing any damage, he loses 2 stacks, and he also loses stack equal to any damage he takes. These stacks do nothing on their own, but can be used to create powerful effects with Parting's "Finisher" skills.

Punch (M1 Combo) is Parting's basic attack. It deals low damage, but is faster than any other basic attack combo in the game. Each hit adds 1 stack of Combo.

Pummel (M2) executes a punch barrage with Easy Lover. The attack overall deals mid to high damage over 10 hits, all of which add 1 stack of Combo.

Leap (SHIFT) propels Parting into the air. While airborne, he cannot be hit by most attacks.

Easy Lover (Q) summons Easy Lover. While she is present, Easy Lover acts as a shield, preventing any damage Parting would take if the attack connects with Easy Lover. Whenever this occurs, Parting gains 1 stack of Combo.

In addition to acting as a shield, Easy Lover's presence greatly empowers Parting's next used ability, clearing all stacks of Combo and turning it into a finisher skill. Finishers are much more powerful than the basic version of the skill, and become even stronger with every stack of Combo Parting has when he uses them. When these skills are used, their cooldown is not applied; Easy Lover's cooldown is applied instead, and she disappears. Below are the changes to Parting's standard abilities while Easy Lover is active.

Uppercut (M1) Deals more damage than the entirety of the Punch combo cycle. This attack reduces the target's armor and speed more with every stack of combo cleared.

Punt (M2) Kicks enemies away for high damage, and deals more damage for every stack of combo cleared. If an enemy hit by this attack is sent flying into a wall, they will take additional damage. While this skill is in use, Easy Lover also reflects projectiles.

Smash (SHIFT) travels faster, higher, and further than Leap, and damages all enemies near Parting when he lands. This attack stuns enemies; the more stacks of combo this skill clears, the longer the stun will last.



HP: 100

Health Regen: 0.33/s

Speed: 16 studs/s

Punch (M1 Combo): Punch for 5 damage. 4 Hit combo. / Uppercut: Perform an uppercut, dealing 30 damage and reducing the target's armor by 6 and speed by 3% per combo for 5 seconds.

Pummel (M2): Punch rapidly for 3x10 damage. [9s CD] / Punt: Kick, sending targets flying and dealing 20 plus 3 damage per combo. Enemies that hit walls will take an additional 20 damage. Additionally, if a projectile hits the spirit that projectile will be blocked.

Leap (SHIFT): Leap upwards. [5s CD] / Smash: Leap upwards, dealing 25 damage and stunning for 0.15 seconds per combo in an area upon landing.

Easy Lover (Q): Summon a spirit to enhance your next attack, turning it into a finisher move that consumes combo for powerful effects. While activated, Easy Lover will block attacks within her hitbox. Does not work if the attack only hits Parting. [10s CD]

Combo (Passive): Every time you deal damage with Punch or Pummel or block damage with Easy Lover, gain 1 combo up to a maximum of 20 combo. You lose 2 combo for every second that you do not deal damage and lose combo equal to damage taken. Hitting enemies with finishers heals for 0.5 per combo.

Obtainable Moves

This Ability - Activate to throw 10 homing knives that deal 3 damage each. Consume 5 Combo to cast if on cooldown. 15 second cooldown. (24)

(They) Do Not Stop Crying - Activate to convert 15 health to 20 Combo. Excess Combo gain increases your power by 2.5% up to 50%. Lose 2.5% of this bonus every second. 10 second cooldown. (23)



Where Am I Going? - Punch lunges at enemies and inflicts 1 stack of Pain. Finishers consume all stacks of Pain, dealing 1.5% of the victim's maximum health as damage per stack. Pain is removed when the victim deals damage for a third of the damage.

The Vestige's Coin - Punch grants 3 Combo on hits but removes 3 Combo on misses. Become unstoppable while attacking.

The Invader's Blade - Every 4th Punch causes a blade to strike enemies twice, dealing 5 damage each.

Black Star Sergeant - Uppercut causes enemies to grant 1 extra Combo when attacked and reduces power by 3% per combo.

Clockwise World - Uppercut reduces health regeneration by 0.3 per Combo. Uppercut's debuff is extended by 0.25 seconds whenever damage is dealt.

Gentleman Thief - You steal 50% of the stats reduced by Uppercut for 5 seconds. Uppercut deals 30 more damage.


Rainbow In The Dark - Pummel no longer needs to be channeled and its range is doubled. Punt's range is doubled and shoots a bouncing, piercing ray that lasts 0.1 seconds longer per Combo and deals 20 damage. (17)

Open Your Eyes - Pummel's duration is increased by 50% and causes enemies to take 50% more knockback for 2 seconds. Punt's wall collision damage is increased by 50% of Punt's damage.

Deaf Man's Music - Pummel deals damage 60% more frequently. Punt deals 50% extra knockback and its wall collision grants 10 Combo.


A Capriccio - Leap and Smash generate 1 Combo every 0.2 seconds in the air. Enemies hit by Smash are more vulnerable to staggers for 1.5 seconds after the stun ends.

The Visitor's Drill - Leap and Smash fire a beam downward while in the air, dealing 24 damage per second. Punch reduces cooldowns by 0.5 seconds against stunned or staggered enemies and 0.25 seconds otherwise.

Roman Catapult! - Leap and Smash are recast up to once when landing close to an enemy. Finishers refund half of the Combo consumed.

Easy Lover

Her Pale Face - Easy Lover creates a burst that blocks attacks and deals 10 damage when summoned. Blocking attacks with Easy Lover grants 3 Combo.

The Hellion's Wheels - Easy Lover's cooldown is reset if cast at full Combo. Attacks against enemies with full health grant full Combo.

The Subject's Elixir - Finishers are cast with 10 bonus Combo at full Combo. Easy Lover teleports you to the nearest enemy when used.


The Drifter's Burden - Every combo you have increases your power by 2.5% but reduces your armor by 2.5 and speed by 2.5%. If a stage is beaten without taking damage, reverse the negative effects of this upgrade.

Walk Behind The Rows - Increase your speed with distance from the nearest enemy, up to 50%. When Combo is reduced deal 2 damage per Combo reduced to nearby enemies.

The Dreamer's Nightmare - Every Combo gained fires a delayed beam at the nearest enemy for 1 damage. Easy Lover is active passively. (Easy Lover will block one attack from Parting's rear. The attack can be any damage, meaning Easy Lover can either block 1 point of damage, or block what would've been a 1-hit kill to Parting. Easy Lover regenerates a few seconds after being hit.)

The Prophet's Crown - Maximum Combo is increased to 30. Lose only up to 50% Combo when taking damage. Easy Lover is summoned when you are staggered.

The Witness's Pick - When Combo is lost to damage, gain 1 shield per Combo. Damage taken cannot exceed 20% of your maximum health.

The Artisan's Weaver - When Combo decays, heal 1. Combo no longer decays at full health. Heal for 25% of damage blocked by Easy Lover.


Death and Taxes - You gain 50% lifesteal but lose 5 health per second when you have more than 25% health. Gain 0.5% increased power per missing % of health.

Tax Evasion - You take 50% of the damage you deal but heal 5 health per second. Gain 0.5% increased power per % of health remaining. (Obtained by hitting Skip when Death and Taxes is an option)



  • If you and either Phase 2 Resident Mind or another Parting in Endless Timeless use Pummel at the same, time it will initiate a clash event, enabling all damage dealt to be blocked by both you and the other Parting.
  • Parting's This Ability upgrade is the only move that can be used while on cooldown, but costing 5 combo to do so.
  • Easy Lover is named after the Philip Bailey and Phil Collins song named "Easy Lover".
    • This is a reference to how most JJBA stands are named after songs, bands, and albums.
  • "This Ability" is a reference to DIO's knives from JJBA.
  • Parting's unlock ID is Class9.
  • Parting is the only host that must be unlocked from beating the game with a specific tempo.
  • The upgrade "Rainbow In The Dark" is a reference to a song of the same name made by the band Dio.
  • The upgrade "Open Your Eyes" is a reference to a song of the same name by the band Yes.
  • The upgrades "The Invader's Blade" , "The Prophet's Crown" , "The Witness' Pick" , "The Artisan's Weaver" , "The Vestige's Coin", "The Visitor's Drill" , "The Subject's Elixir" , "The Drifter's Burden, "The Hellion's Wheels" , and "The Dreamers Nightmare" are all references to the other in-game hosts.
  • Easy Lover's Idle is a reference to Gold Experience Requiem.
  • Parting's death animation is a reference to how a lot of stands in JJBA punch a hole through the enemies' upper body to either kill or severely wound them (Otherwise known as "Donutting"). However, it is unknown why Easy Lover would kill her own user. (It may be that, since her hands become his destiny, his death is by her hands.)
    • It may also be a reference to how in JJBA, if the user isn't strong enough to handle the power of their stand, they will be killed by it.
  • Parting's Punt is a reference to DIO's Stand-Off Heavy in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
  • Parting's Leap might be a reference to Jotaro and DIO using their Stands to redirect their momentum during their battle.
  • Parting is one of the only hosts with a secret upgrade.
  • Stopping time while using "This Ability" will result in the knives stopping mid-air; probably a reference to this.
  • The upgrade name "Death And Taxes" is a reference to the well known game named "Death and Taxes". The upgrade name "Tax Evasion", and the way it's obtained, is in turn a reference to this upgrade.
  • Parting's "Her Pale Face" upgrade is the only upgrade that shows Easy Lover's gender.
  • "The Subject's Elixir" teleportation is possibly a reference to this.
  • Parting is the only host that can damage enemies by knockback.
  • Parting is the host used by SentientSupper's Seconds difficulty world record speed run, which undercut the 1st runner up with Subject by over 40 seconds.
  • Parting's Idle (Punt Ability) is a reference to Jotaro idle from JJBA: HFTF (Heritage For The Future).
  • Easy Lover is bald because some Tempo effects require meshes to be symmetrical and superrun100 can't find a good hair mesh and he is too lazy to make one himself.