Page is one of the 32 Tempos currently available in HOURS. It is available to the player upon playing the game.


Upon activating it literally kills you upon use, triggering your character's death animation followed by the generic roblox 'OOF!' sound. It is instant after activation and has no cooldown. When Overclocked it randomly switches hosts and upgrades, removing all status effects, and automatically activates every 5 seconds.

Its purpose is mainly a challenge tempo.

  • The non-OC version is there to force a no-tempo run. Beating the game with it unlock the host Parting.
  • The OC version provides a unique challenge to the game, forcing you to think and act fast.


  • Page can bypass all upgrades that normally protect against fatal damage, such as Artisan's Emergency Protocols and Witness's Memento Mori.
  • Overclocked Page can switch through every host on the first page, Buffoon, Dreamer, and the host you start with.
  • When you reach Stage 2 of Resident Mind's fight with OC Page equipped, the clone will be a clone of whoever you have equipped at the time of the clone being spawned, and will not change even when you change.
  • If Bloxxer is selected by OC Page, it will replay his entrance animation, no matter what stage you're on.
  • OC Page will also randomize cooldowns of abilities.


  • Using the cheat menu, if you revoke the Page unlock, it's unlock condition reads "Reset."
  • Page is a reference to the phrase, "Clean Slate" or "Turning over a new page/leaf."


  • In the April Fools update OC Page was changed. Previously it was manually activated with a 2-second cooldown, and instantly killed Resident Mind's stage 2 clone.

Sen confirming that using Page causes the clone to die as well.