Omit is one of the 32 Tempos currently available in HOURS. It is available to the player after beating Peacock Peaks using the Prophet.


When activated, the screen glitches in a similar fashion to the VFX of King Crimson's Time Erase, everything becomes brighter, the stage disappears, and the skybox becomes outer space. When used, enemies no longer target you, but attack in another direction, as if you were in that area. In this state, you can't take or deal damage. However, you can still activate your abilities, meaning you can skip an attack's windup. For example, the windup of Witness’ Conduit, Prophet’s Heavy Strike, and Visitor’s Beam.

Omit lasts for 10 seconds and the cooldown is 10 seconds. When Overclocked, you can time indefinitely and its cooldown is reduced to 5 seconds.

Tips and Trivia


  • Use this ability to reposition when you're in a tough spot.
  • This is useful against Equinox's black tornado ability if you're in the middle. Even if you don't get out, you're immune to the damage.
  • When Overclocked, this could be used to skip the entire Phase 1 of Resident Mind.
  • This can be very useful if used with Hellion, as you can skip Honk's windup and resume time right before it hits.
  • One of the most powerful Tempos when Overclocked.
    • Can be used to charge up Dreamer's energy, Visitor's skin, and Prophet's regeneration charge.
    • Can be used to brew Subject's potions without interruption.
    • Can be used to charge up any ability except those that need to deal damage in order to charge.
    • If you use this on a Dreamer run and you get Energy Beam, you could stack up damage indefinitely.
    • very useful if you wanna ambush enemies with Parting


  • This is a reference to the stand King Crimson from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, specifically its ability to erase time.
  • When Omit ends, either by the player or by the timer, the ending SFX has a bit of music in the background, probably part of whichever scene the sound was taken from in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.