Multiplayer is a modifier added in the April Fools update,

As the name suggests, you will be able to play with 3 bots disguised as people with fake usernames (4 players in total including yourself).


Choosing Multiplayer will spawn up to 3 more bot players. There are also more enemies, usually 5 instead of the regular 1-2, randomly chosen from all stages, resulting in huge, chaotic fights.

Your allies choose a random upgrade with each passing level. They also receive upgrades in Endless Timeless. If an ally dies, they will be gone until the next level.

Bosses have 100% more HP in Multiplayer. When a boss spawns, they also spawn 4 randomized "enemy players". They use hosts and act identical to your allies, and are hostile to your team.

If you die but there are still allied bots on the map, you will become an invisible ghost and will be able to witness the continuing battle. This is intentional, and will end when either all enemies are killed, in which the game progresses onto the next stage, or when all allies are dead, in which the game ends. The player can also quit to the menu to end the battle.


  • Multiplayer stacks with Swarm, resulting in a lot of enemies spawning on the stage at once.
  • Beating the game with Multiplayer enabled unlocks Tear.
  • Hidden hosts, although they will occasionally spawn as players, are much, much rarer than normal hosts.
  • Usernames are randomly chosen from existing Roblox users. This is not subject to Roblox's filtering, thus it is possible to have bots with inappropriate usernames appear.
  • During the bullet hell phase of Resident Mind, your allies do not spawn. However, once the battle with your clone begins, your allies spawn, alongside their own clones.
    • Resident Mind spawns when your clone dies, even when the other enemy clones are still alive. For this reason it is recommended to finish off all other clones before going for your own clone.
      • Killing Resident Mind still allows you to exit and win the game even with the enemy Hosts alive, unlike the other boss stages. Thus, you can focus your clone & Resident Mind for a possibly faster run.
    • Another thing to note is that all the clones spawn in the center of the stage. This information can be used to setup a huge barrage of attacks against the clones, using AOE moves like Subject's lightning potions.
  • If the player is killed and an ally deals the finishing blow to Resident Mind, the game will continue on as normal, however, the player can freely roam the city after walking off the end of the path as the game does not warp the player back to the arena as one would expect.
    • Falling off the edge of the map in this stage completely breaks the game, requiring the player to re-join the game to continue playing.
  • The bots cannot use tempos. Therefore you can see how this isn't real multiplayer.


  • Perhaps one of the most powerful Hosts here is Dreamer, as he has Signature Move and as mentioned before with overclocked Zero you can shred all enemies.