Minutes is the difficulty the entire game is balanced around, meaning it was supposedly designed this way, which it should speak for itself. As it balances all damage, and adds staggering to most attacks.



All damage in Minutes are perfectly normal, meaning this will make a fresh player getting out of Hours mode a possible challenge. Most of the pages on this wiki should tell you the damage of your opponent in Minutes mode.



All attacks should inflict staggering, These attacks DO NOT inflict staggering:

  • [Circuit Breaker] Bird Shot - Circuit Breaker's Laser shot from his robotic drone/bird, will not stagger on Minutes mode, and deal 10 Damage to you.
  • [Half Horse] Life Steal - If the player is close to Half Horse, Half Horse will fire a pink neon beam, that deals 1.5 Damage, and heals 1.5 Health, not stunning or staggering, can be avoided if you get away from them.
  • [Arson Agni] Infernal Slam - After a short windup, Arson Agni will attack by slamming the area the player was on when using this ability. This will create an active fire that deals damage to the player or any allies they have. This however, will not stagger, as if it did, it would lead to a stagger lock.


  • When playing on Minutes, attempt to not get hit by any of Resident Mind's attacks, which seems straight forward, but if you get tapped by any of the Beam attacks, you will have to sit there and wait until the attack ends, you are able to avoid Bloxxerman's Nail projectiles, as they aren't a constant beam.
  • Because most enemies stagger, any enemies that attack relatively fast i.e Seventh Blossom can be extremely punishing to slow hosts.
    • This additionally applies to any enemies that can attack in bursts, like that of War Etude, as players can be trapped within an endless stagger until the attack finishes.


  • Beating Minutes exclusively on mobile allows players to unlock Subject.
    • Players are required to beat the game on Seconds if they use a PC.
  • A minute is 60 seconds, as the difficulties relate to time, Weeks are the longest, Hours are the second longest, Minutes is the second shortest, and Seconds is the shortest of them all.