Loch is one of the 32 Tempos currently available in HOURS. It is available to the player after beating Light Beneath Closed Eyes using the host Subject.

This tempo requires the Hands of Time gamepass.


Upon using Loch, it'll spawn a square of water, and after 3 seconds time is rewinded, making all cooldowns, health, and damage will have repeated. The player can move freely during in this effect, but enemies are forced to perform the actions done 3 seconds before the effect's ignition. During the effect all damage will be delayed.

Loch has a total duration of 6 seconds (including both recording and replaying) and has a cooldown of 9 seconds. When Overclocked its cooldown is reduced to 3 seconds and damage taken from enemies will be reflected instead of delayed.

Tips and Trivia


Loch is a tempo that's good for many situations. It serves as an undo to rewrite any events that will happen in the next 3 seconds. Because it forces your opponents to repeat the actions that happens during this time, it gives the player time to gain distance, or prepare to do more damage once the tempo goes out.

Non-Overclocked : A good ability to deal damage, and reverse to set up for more stronger attacks to cover your mistakes if you whiff.

Overclocked : Cooldown is 3 seconds, and damage from enemies will be reflected, making this a good choice for last resorts.

  • Enemies that have lifesteal, e.g. Equinox, will heal off the damage reflected back at them.
  • Can be used to reflect massive amounts of damage towards bosses, especially attacks that deal a fixed % of damage towards the player:
    • Reflecting Bloxxerman's shockwave attack when he lands would deal up to 50% of his health, depending on distance to him. If done right before his special attack, this has the potential to instantly finish him off.
    • Reflecting Goliath Omega's smash would instantly kill Ronin Alpha.
    • Reflecting Resident Mind's piano in phase 1 would instantly kill him. The fight proceeds to Phase 2 however, with no effects besides a humorous death animation.