Jump is one of the secret Tempos currently available in HOURS. It is available to players by skipping all upgrades in difficulty that has to be above weeks. Its definition is "Waste of Talent"


…It literally allows you to jump, which disables abilities but grants I-Frames while you are jumping. Overclocking this Tempo allows you to be able to jump while attacking. This is useful for fragile hosts like Hellion and Dreamer or slow hosts like Visitor and Bloxxer, as this tempo grants invincibility frames while jumping. Most of the enemies’ attacks are only at ground level, making this useful for dodging.


  • Using OC Jump the same moment upon activating skills that involve dashing allows you to launch yourself further away than expected. This is intended behavior.
  • Obtaining the upgrade ‘Tax Evasion’ from Parting as a result of skipping 'Death and Taxes' does not count as a fail.
  • Holding the tempo button and moving off of it on mobile causes the Jump tempo to activate without pressing the actual jump button. This is useful for walking around with less struggle.