The 2nd Easiest Difficulty in the game, and it does not beg to differ at all. It cuts all damage in half, and removes Most staggering. Hours is one of the 4 Difficulties currently inside the game (5 if you count Milliseconds)



All Damage in the Hours Difficulty is halved, some attacks that have a 0.5 damage applied onto it will round up to the next number


The Hours Difficulty removes all Staggering with some attacks having Exceptions.

  • [Fiend Rider] Car Crush - Fiend Rider attempts to run you over in a transparent car, upon touching it, it will deal 20 Damage (On Hours Difficulty), and stun on contact.
  • [Nerve Healer] Meteor Bomb - Nerve Healer will summon a big energy ball above you, upon striking, it will deal 15 Damage (On Hours Difficulty), and stun.
  • [Nightmare Catcher] Stab - Nightmare Catcher's stab is an extremely devastating and dangerous attack, dealing 9 (On Hours Difficulty), and it will stun for a good couple of seconds, leaving you vulnerable for possibly another enemy to attack
  • [Bloxxerman] Smash - Immediately when the Boss fight starts, and on his Nail storm attack, Bloxxerman will smash onto the stage, creating a orange shockwave that will stagger you for a bit, dealing more damage the closer you are to the center of his smash, however the stagger does not affect much at all, as Bloxxerman will not attack
  • [Bloxxerman] Nail Stab - Bloxxerman will stab player if they are close enough, dealing 13 (estimated, someone please actually calculate it) damage, and stunning for 3 seconds.
  • [Ronin Alpha] Giant Noob Smash - Ronin's giant Noob will smash their fist on the stage, and stunning no matter what, if you happen to land under the fist, you will be dealt with 50 Damage (On Hours Difficulty)
  • [Cube Liner] Energy Explosion - Cube Liner will explode energy that staggers, as well as slowing you down, and preventing some attacks to be used.
  • [Cube Liner] Pixel Beam - Cube Liner will fire a beam from their blade, that staggers, as well as slowing you down, and preventing some attacks to be used.
  • [Resident Mind] Eruptions - Resident mind will summon Eruptions that deal around 12 Damage and stagger per eruption, spiraling, then a singular eruption in the center, and a follow up with the signature move.
  • [Resident Mind] The Signature Move - Resident Mind will slam a piano down, and deal 50 Damage, and staggering until the 2nd phase clone appears. PLEASE KEEP IN NOTE THAT THE RESIDENT MIND DAMAGE ABOVE MIGHT NOT BE ACCURATE AS I HAVE NOT TESTED IT YET (though calculating it for me would be extremely appreciated :DDDD)
Parries (or Blocks)
  • [Scarlet Knight] Heavy Shield - Scarlet Knight will always block all attacks that will stagger you.
  • [Ronin Alpha] Block - Ronin will automatically parry attacks, blocking Nearly all damage incoming, he however does have a limit to how much he can block.
  • [Hot Rash] Parry - Hot Rash will create a energy Shield around themselves, blocking all damage for a short period of time, and staggering against melee attacks.
  • [Bloxxerman] Shield - Bloxxerman creates a shield, when the shield takes damage it will not stagger you. However, upon the shield being broken, you will be staggered if a melee attack is used to break it.



  • As of 2/5/2021, Hours is no longer considered the easiest difficulty in the game, it has handed over the crown of the easiest difficulty to Weeks