Hot Rash is one of ten enemies that can be encountered on Peacock Peaks. He can also be unlocked as a playable character (Host).


Hot Rash is a light gray humanoid wearing a darker t-shirt. His shorts are a dark gray, and he has a sword in his head and hand. The blue circle in his chest is how he can parry attacks.


Hot Gash

Hot Rash swipes his sword for 10 damage.

Hot Slash

Hot Rash swipes his sword 3 times, each swipe dealing 10 damage.

Hot Flash

Hot Rash summons a barrier around himself, making him immune to all damage and staggering melee attackers while the barrier is active.


Hot Rash always opens up with Hot Flash, and then runs towards you. While running, Hot Rash will now and then use Hot Flash. Once he gets close enough, he will either use Hot Gash and follow up with Hot Flash, or use Hot Slash.


  • All enemies encountered on Peacock Peaks use an item from the classic Roblox game Sword Fight on the Heights. Hot Rash wields the classic Roblox Sword which appears in the game, also known as the Linked Sword.
    • It is believed this name comes from the fact that in Sword Fight on the Heights, the player will always have this sword, as though it is linked to them.
    • Additionally, Hot Rash's Shield strongly resembles the classic Roblox forcefield that would be granted by two other items from SFOTH, the Touchstone and the Shield Sphere.
  • The second Linked Sword in Hot Rash's head is a classic Roblox hat called Stage Prop.