Hosts are the characters that you are able to play as in HOURS. There are currently fifteen hosts in the game, with six hosts obtained through special methods. Each host has a variety of abilities that differentiate each other, and they each synergize well with certain tempos.

Basic Hosts

  • Invader - Promotes fast-paced, weaving melee combat with good DPS but little burst damage options and healing that requires you to get in close.
  • Prophet - Promotes thinking ahead and outsmarting your enemies to land very slow but heavy-hitting attacks, which can be difficult to land against fast enemies.
  • Witness - Promotes a variety of play styles with an abundance of obtainable abilities. Starts with an ability that grants shields rather than heals, which can be off-putting.
  • Artisan - Promotes strategy with building placement and parrying, though lacking in personal combat ability and heals that can go to full health.
  • Vestige - Promotes keeping your distance with long-ranged attacks that can be hard to aim, as well as unreliable healing.
  • Visitor - Promotes a tanky play style that can deal massive damage in the right position, but has one of the slowest speeds in the game.
  • Subject - Truly a jack of all trades thanks to its ability to brew potions, but for that same reason is hard to use well due to the memorization required.
  • Dreamer - Promotes a glass cannon play style with limited resources and much lower health, but one of the highest damage outputs in the game and an overwhelmingly powerful moveset. Requires Hands of Time.
  • Parting - Promotes fast paced risk-reward based game play because of a unique gimmick with its stand, Easy Lover. Plays similarly to the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game, Eyes of Heaven.

Achievement/Other Hosts

  • Equinox - Literally just the boss, Equinox, as a playable character. Promotes gameplay similar to the Invader, though with more emphasis on tanking attacks whilst attacking, thanks to its fast and similar moves that also inflict life steal.
  • Bloxxer - Literally just the boss, Bloxxerman, as a playable character. Another great example of a tank. Boasts powerful ranged moves while being super slow.
  • Drifter - Literally just the boss, Ronin Alpha, as a playable character. Promotes gameplay similar to the Invader and Artisan combined, with its fast paced moves and his ability to parry attacks.
  • Hot Rash (Host) - A bit more than just the enemy, Hot Rash, as a playable character. Promotes a balanced gameplay with attacking moves, defending moves, and now, a ranged move in the form of literal AK-47s.
  • Hellion - A bit more than just the enemy, Fiend Rider, as a playable character. Promotes gameplay similar to the Dreamer, with its low health pool and high damage output, making it another glass cannon, though with more of an emphasis on evasion.
  • Buffoon - A buffed version of the enemy Astral Hermit, with homing projectiles. Promotes variety, as each upgrade allows the player to "tap into" one of the skills of an enemy, along with an additional benefit.



  • All Hosts have 7-letter names. Hot Rash is the only Host with a space in his name, therefore making him technically have a 8-character name.
  • Equinox and Bloxxer are the only hosts with no true name. They use their boss counterparts' names instead.
  • All hosts are right handed, except for Subject.
    • The dual-wielding hosts, Equinox and Invader, don't have a currently known dominant hand.
  • Bloxxer’s true name description is a reference to Phantoom Blood: Ep. 1 because it’s true name description is "You thought you were going to get a true name but it was I, Dio!", this is similar to what Dio says after stealing Erina’s first kiss.