For the enemy with an identical appearance and moveset, see Fiend Rider.

"Tenets on fire."

The Hellion is one of the fifteen Hosts featured in HOURS.


Hellion is a glass cannon style host with arguably the best mobility in the entire game, and is an echo of the enemy Fiend Rider. He can be obtained by killing a Fiend Rider with Hot Rash's Hot Kalash Skill (AK-47s) while inside his car (this requires you to stop time with a tempo in order to get inside the car). His true name is Manohang.


Hellion looks identical to Fiend Rider: A black humanoid with a grey belt and boots and orange straps of some kind wrapping diagonally around his torso, wearing an orange paintball mask and sporting a white pompadour. He carries a paintball gun which matches his body's color scheme.


Hellion is the embodiment of the glass cannon. Both his strengths and weaknesses are strongly pronounced. His incredibly low 20 HP is managed through his impressive mobility in addition to passive health regeneration.

Paint (M1) is Hellion's basic attack, which fires 5 paintballs over a mid to short range. The range of this attack is easy to overestimate, but getting too close to enemies is very risky for Hellion, so remaining at a distance is still advised.

Roll (M2) is Hellion's primary dodging skill that covers a short distance very quickly while completely invincible, with a cooldown short enough to be used once after each usage of Paint.

Dive (SHIFT) travels further slower, granting invincibility while off the ground, and has a longer cooldown. Both this skill and Roll are unaffected by auto-aim.

Honk (Q), which conjures a phantom car, is Hellion's primary damage source, dealing more damage than most other attacks in the game, especially when used against bosses, as it deals 40 damage +10% of the hit enemy's max health. While in the car, Hellion is completely immune to all damage sources that are not also inside the car. Chances of anything managing to bypass this shield are extremely slim.

Flip (E) is Hellion's most effective dodge, and prevents stuns and staggers while in use. While this dodge has a longer cooldown, it travels further than the other two and propels Hellion into the air where most attacks can't reach. This dodge should be saved for heavier attacks or attacks with longer durations.


HP: 20

Paint (M1): Shoot 5 paintballs, dealing 2(+0.5% enemy Max HP) damage per Paintball. The first paintball that hits a target per use of the skill staggers that target.

Roll (M2): Perform a quick roll. Invincible while rolling. [1s CD]

Dive (SHIFT): Dive into a roll. Invincible while diving (but not while rolling). [3s CD]

Honk (Q): Summon a car, dealing 40(+10% enemy Max HP) damage. [20s CD]

Flip (E): Perform a backflip that goes high into the air. Immune to crowd control effects while airborne. [10s CD]



-Increases damage of Paint(By 1 per Paintball) and Honk(By 40)


  • Using Roll and Dive grant temporary invincibility, and Flip prevents most attacks from reaching Hellion. When these abilities are used in conjunction with the Sand tempo, you will buy more time to make enemies waste their best abilities without hurting you.
  • By using Honk to drive off the end of the road found near the ending pad in Light Beneath Closed Eyes, the player can unlock the Word tempo. This tempo is extremely useful for Hellion as it aids significantly in dodging attacks without having to always focus in on said attacks.


  • Colliding with the car from either Fiend Rider, an enemy Hellion, or Resident Mind's second phase clone will instantly kill both Hellion and the enemy, alongside car sirens playing. This unlocks the badge "Tragic Accident".
    • It is advised that you avoid using Honk until after said enemies have used their own to avoid instantaneous death.
    • Allied Hellions will simply clip through each other without crashing.
  • Hellion has an additional 60% damage reduction from other hosts in addition to the standard 50% damage reduction, resulting in a total of 80% less damage taken. This raises his effective HP somewhat during Endless or in Multiplayer, but still leaves it at half that of most other hosts.


  • Hellion is the first and currently the only host to have an unlock requirement of killing a specific enemy in a specific way.
  • Discord user Fal#7903 Unlocked Hellion while streaming on the Hours Discord server, and is the only one to hold the 'HotWeels' role.
  • Hellion has the absolute lowest health of all Hosts in the game (only 20 HP), even lower than the Dreamer (who technically has 50 HP).
    • This currently makes Hellion the only host that can be killed by a single attack in Weeks Difficulty when at full health.
  • Aside from Flip, which comes from the standard Fiend Rider enemy, Hellion's other two mobility skills are taken directly from other enemies: Roll from Arson Agni and Dive from Sidearm Stubbs.
  • The Icon for Hellion's Flip ability is identical to that of Vestige's Backflip ability icon. This is the only case of reused ability icons between hosts in the entire game thus far.
  • Hellion is currently the only Host that can be used to unlock the Word Tempo.
  • Prior to the Parting update, Hellion was named 'Riderer.'
    • The color of Hellion's paintballs were also changed to neon orange, or whichever Chromashift color is selected. Prior to the Parting update, the projectiles were random colors like Fiend Rider's.
  • Using Roll and Dive when you Jump will propel you further than normal. However, jumping right before you use Flip will rather break it.
  • Due to being directly copied from his enemy counterpart, Hellion has the fastest death animation of all hosts in the game.
  • Equinox, Bloxxer, Drifter and Hellion are the only hosts that have only 1 upgrade available.
  • Hellion is the only host that uses a language other than English in their True Name and descriptor.