Halt is one of the 32 Tempos currently available in HOURS. It is immediately unlocked and available to the player.


When activated, there is about a 0.5-second wind-up where time rapidly slows to a stop, including the player. After this, the player regains the ability to act. Projectiles fired by the player will move for a moment before slowly freezing, and can still hit enemies during the time stop. Finally, when the Tempo's duration is over, there is a brief moment where everything is slowed down before transitioning back to the normal flow of time.

Halt lasts for five seconds, and has a cooldown of 20 seconds. When Overclocked, the duration and cooldown become ten seconds.

Tips and Trivia


Non-Overclocked : A good, all round Tempo that's great for nearly every situation. Halt can be used for offensive, or stacking up buffs, or even dodging. When performed it allows the user to unleash a barrage of attacks on your enemies, heal up from the amount of damage they have taken, going to the complete other side of the map or dodge to get some breathing room for themselves.

Example; Invader is at low hp, he uses Halt, then immediately Empower, and starts preforming a flurry of attacks on Equinox, healing himself with a life steal because of his Empower, and dealing a huge stack of damage to Equinox, after his Halt is about to run out, he runs away to provide himself space, and time begins to move with Invader dealing massive damage, gaining health, and breathing room.

Overclocked : Allowing you to consistently stop time, allowing for even longer window to release a huge amount of attacks on your enemy, and buff; Using that little amount of time left to dodge or catch some breathing room.


  • Halt's visual effect as it is activated resembles the character Hit's time skip from Dragon Ball Super.
    • It also resembles a certain timestop from Jotaro in JoJo's Part 4, during the Sheer Heart Attack fight.
  • The gray tone that is applied to everything besides the player during the duration resembles some uses of Hit's time skip, but is likely based on the time stop from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Using the cheat menu, if you revoke the Halt unlock, it's unlock condition reads "You should not see this."