Fiend Rider is one of the ten enemies that you encounter in Mirai Mirror.


Fiend appears as a humanoid with paintball gear. They have a white pompadour and use a paintball gun as their weapon.


Paintball Barrage

Fiend shoots its paintball gun, dealing 5 damage by each hit of the bullets.


They backflip into another area on the map.


Fiend will stop and appear to be sitting in a transparent car. (1974- LP500QV Lamborghini countach) The transparent car does 40 damage and acts like a massive shield and blocks everything. It sends you flying and stuns you upon contact. Able to be bypassed via time stop and walking into the car and attacking the enemy.


When spawning in, Fiend will almost always Backflip and use a move. If any enemies are too close to them, they'll use Paintball Barrage. If no enemies are in shooting distance, they'll use HONK, unless the ability has been used already, in which they'll attempt to close the gap by moving closer to the target. After shooting at least twice, they'll use Backflip again, and repeat the previous pattern, being HONK if the target is out of shooting distance, or using Paintball Barrage if the target is in range.


  • When charging their car attack, the car blocks ALL damage as it acts like a massive shield.
  • Their paintballs are much slower than most projectiles, and are additionally affected by gravity. Fiend can only shoot in the direction of the target, and is unable to turn while shooting, makes Paintball Barrage easy to dodge.
  • Fiend Rider is not invincible while he's in the car. The car only acts as a massive shield that blocks all attacks. You can bypass this shield by using time stop and walking into the car so your attacks directly hit the enemy instead of his car.
    • Killing Fiend Rider while they're in their car with Hot Rash's AK-47 will unlock Hellion.
  • The player and Fiend Rider will instantly die when bashing into each other, using Hellion’s HONK while Fiend Rider does the same too. This makes a car crash sound, and additionally kills both the player and the opposing Fiend Rider.
    • This additionally applies to Hint's Fiend Rider, as both cars crashing into each other will result in the same effect.