Fallen Dread is one of the ten enemies that you encounter in Mirai Mirror.


Fallen Dread resembles a reaper with bat wings. It wields a recolored Roblox Bat Scythe and wears a recolored Dominus Vespidus over its head.


Spin Slash

Once it gets close, it spins around with its scythe twice, slashing anyone nearby for 12 x 2 damage (24).

Poison-Tipped (Passive)

Every successful attack inflicts poison that deals 1 damage per second for a few seconds. Dealing damage while this poison effect is active will return about 20% of damage you deal to yourself.

Fly (Passive)

If the player is too far away, Fallen Dread will take flight, where most attacks cannot reach, and descend to the player's position after closing in on them.


The AI is straightforward. Since it is slow, it will fly up to the sky and then land on the player's position after closing the distance. If in range it will strike.


  • Since Fallen Dread's attack hitbox is on the blade of the scythe only, its Spin Slash will not hit the player if they are close enough. AKA, the Fallen Dread's attack has a blind spot.
  • When inflicted with Fallen Dread's poison, don't attack. Returning damage to yourself can be extremely deadly in some situations, like using low health hosts (Hellion or Dreamer).
  • Due to it being the antithesis of a tank host in health, attack directly after it does. Do not let it hit you.


  • All enemies encountered on Mirai Mirror are based off of limited hat series on Roblox. Fallen Dread is based off the Dominus Series.