"Light and shadow. Two parts of a whole."

Equinox is one of fifteen Hosts featured in HOURS.

Equinox is a host of based off of the boss of the same name. It has no true name.


A melee-oriented host which operates similarly to its boss version, focusing on rapid approaches and slow put punishing attacks. It is unlocked by healing the Boss Equinox to full HP during his dark tornado attack without cheats.


Equinox takes the appearance of the boss of Peacock Peaks, Equinox, hence the same name and appearance.


Equinox moves very fast, but his attacks are quite slow.

Acrobatics (M1 Combo) will execute 4 different possible attacks in sequence, with each slash staggering the target. All possible attacks are automatic combos (except the first) and allow Equinox to re-angle themselves for the next swing. The first time the skill is used, it will only perform a single slash with each sword. The second use will perform two slashes with both blades simultaneously. The third will perform one slash with the Illumina, followed by a slash with the Darkheart, then an 'X' slash with both swords. The fourth will perform two slashes with each blade followed by a spin attack which hits once with each sword. After all 4 moves have been used, the cycle repeats. Each attack the ability can execute has different timing, delays, and damage output.

Upward Slash (M2) is a quick dashing attack which lingers after use, but staggers for longer than other attacks.

Leap (SHIFT) is a quick dash backward, capable of dodging most melee attacks with its speed. This can be used while attacking to cancel a move, which is very useful if stuck in an auto combo of Acrobatics.

Roll Slash (Q) is similar to Upward Slash, but trades the linger for a longer windup time.

Dash (E) is a slower charge forward with both swords to the side. It will not damage a stationary enemy, so this move is mostly used to close in on a target. However, if the target is moving, there is a decent chance the attack will hit.

In addition to all these abilities, Equinox cannot be staggered, which compensates for its slower attacks. Furthermore, every hit with the Illumina debuffs the enemy to take more damage, and every hit with the Darkheart recovers HP equal to the damage dealt. These combined passive boosts allow Equinox to charge into a group of enemies with a considerably lower risk than most hosts would face up with doing the same.


HP: 75 (Increases by 25 per upgrade)

Acrobatics (M1): Swings its swords. Eventually executes auto combos. [4 DMG per sword]

Upward Slash (RMB): Makes you slide and attack. Almost the same as slash but you go farther. [5s CD, 4 DMG per sword]

Leap (SHIFT): Dash backwards. Can be used during an attack to cancel it. [3s CD]

Roll Slash (Q): A front flip into a dual slash. [5s CD, 4 DMG per sword]

Dash Slash (E): Dash forward with your swords to the side. [10s CD, 4 DMG per sword]

Hyper Flexibility (Passive 1): Equinox is completely immune to staggering from damage, even on Seconds difficulty.

Light and Shadow (Passive 2): Equinox' Illumina increases the damage enemies take by 25% for 5 seconds, and Equinox's Darkheart lifesteals for 100% of the damage it deals.



  • Equinox, Bloxxer, Hellion, and Drifter are the only hosts that have only 1 upgrade available.
    • Technically Hot Rash also has only 1 upgrade, but due to different names it's not listed here.
  • Equinox is easiest to unlock as a host with Artisan or Drifter, as they allies they summon are affected by the boss' dark tornado ability in the same manner as the player. Alternatively, the player can toggle Multiplayer mode for the same effect.
  • Equinox and Bloxxer are the only hosts who gain maximum health from their upgrade.
  • If you use the Jump Tempo and then Leap ability (SHIFT) while midair, you get boosted backwards really far. Use this to your advantage.

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Black and White

(No description)

(Gain 25 more HP and deal 4 extra damage until your 4th upgrade, only gaining 2 extra damage per upgrade)