Equinox - Eternal Guardian of Dusk is the Boss of Peacock Peaks.


Equinox is a half-black, half-white humanoid wielding a white sword and a black sword that resemble the classic ROBLOX swords Illumina and Darkheart. The white parts glow rather brightly with a pinkish hue, likely a reference to the Illumina's pink sparkles. The dual wielding manner is probably a reference to the Dual Illumina gear.

In alternate versions of the map, Equinox is colored Black and White/Light yellow/Light blue, instead of the normal Black and Light-Pink.


After every 4th attack, Equinox will take a moment to recover, not moving or attacking except for slowly coming to a neutral standing position.

When Equinox reaches below 66% health, it will walk to the middle of the stage and slam down, inflicting the player with Glowing for 10 seconds, increasing the damage the player takes by 100%. When it reaches below 33% health, it will walk to the middle of the stage and create a giant dark tornado, dealing 5 damage every 0.2 seconds and healing for 200% of the damage done for 5 seconds. Unlike almost every other attack in the game, this move does not stagger its opponent in minutes/seconds mode. If Equinox is healed to full health by this ability, the player will unlock Equinox as a playable character (Host).


Equinox dashes at the player, doing 8 damage. This attack does not count towards the 4 attacks cycle.

Roll Slash

Equinox rolls forward, doing 8 damage per sword.


Equinox does a series of slashes while maintaining acrobatic moves for 8 damage each.

Darkheart x Illumina (Passive)

Equinox's Darkheart heals for 100% of the damage it deals. Its Illumina inflicts Glowing, causing the target to take 25% extra damage and gives a sparking aura visual effect.


  • Equinox will always dash at you when you are at a far distance. Like mentioned before, stay at a parallel distance to Equinox to avoid getting dashed at. If you do get dashed at, try to stay parallel to Equinox, as its body does not hurt you, or run out of the sword's range. Only its swords do damage.
  • When Equinox slams down at 66% HP, it will not matter whether you get hit by the beams or not. You will always be affected regardless, so stay at a moderate distance to it when it comes back down to avoid getting dashed at. However, you can also skip time with Omit or Tear to not get inflicted with Glowing.
  • Equinox's tornado move does not cover the corners and very far edges of the map, so stay near the border of the map if Equinox performs this move.
  • If Equinox is constantly chasing you, keep walking in a straight line while making a few very short turns if Equinox starts to run at you, and attack when you get the chance. If you are playing with a slow character, you will need to try the same strategy but making turns more often.
  • It is ill-advised to place sentries near the center of the field as Artisan or summon dummies as Drifter until after Equinox has used its Dark Tornado ability; otherwise the ability will likely fully heal Equinox and destroy all allies in the process.
    • On the other side of the coin, Doing exactly that is the easiest way to unlock the Host version of Equinox without taking damage yourself. Alternatively, using Multiplayer and sacrificing the fake players is a possible option, but note that they also run towards the edges of the map.


  • An equinox, which this boss is named after, occurs twice every year, where the center of the sun is directly above the equator. During an equinox, the day and night are approximately the same length.
  • Dusk occurs at the darkest stage of twilight, right before night.
  • Equinox's death animation references DIO's death from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3.
  • Equinox's swords are a reference to the Roblox swords Illumina and Darkheart which he wields.
  • Equinox is a based on "Yin Yang" Image, being half white (light pink) and half black, Illumina on black side, and Darkheart on white side.
  • During April Fools 2022, Equinox's title was changed from Eternal Guardian of Dusk to Eternal Guardian of Duck.
  • It is possible to not be inflicted with Glowing from Equinox's slam using Iris.



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