Enemies are the entities that you have to fight in each stage. There is a total of 30 enemies, ten for each stage. Only five of them spawn per stage during any given run, max. 2 normal enemies or 1 boss at a time.

With the Swarm modifier the enemy capacity is increased to 3 enemies at once and 10 enemies will spawn before fighting the boss. With Multiplayer normal enemies are randomly chosen, although the boss remains the same.

Peacock Peaks

All of the enemies in Peacock Peaks are references to items in Sword Fight On The Heights IV (Linked Sword, Windforce, Ghostwalker, etc).

Downcast Days

All the enemies in Downcast Days are references to the different Clans of Robloxia (Knights of Redcliff, Korblox Empire, Darkage Ninjas, etc).

Mirai Mirror

All the enemies in Mirai Mirror are references to different limited hat series (Sinister Pumpkins, Eggs, Paintball Masks, etc).

Light Beneath Closed Eyes

Endless Timeless


  • Training Dummy
  • Void Watcher's Monster
  • BloxxerMan's Clones (BloxxerMan)
  • Goliath Omega and Noob Dummies (Ronin Alpha).
  • The various Host summon upgrades, copied by Resident Mind on his 2nd Phase. (Resident Mind's summons. Not the player's summons.)
    • The Artisan's Turret, Auto Ranger, Auto Fighter, Auto Warlock, Sharpshooter Turret, and Spreadfire Turret.
    • The Witness' Turret (Black Market Blueprints)
    • The Prophet's Lost Lancer (Awaken, My Servant)
    • The Drifter's Dummy Summon (Orbit Ability)
    • Bloxxer's Clones (Sink Ability)
    • The Buffoon's Duck/Void Monsters (Aspect of Void).
      • Although you probably won't see the neon white Duck Monster (Because you die, and you get instantly get sent back to the main menu), Resident Mind still copies the ability.