Not to be confused with Ronin Alpha, the boss this host is based on.

"Spirit and technique, flawless and firm."



Drifter is a very fast-paced host with high damage output awarded to players who manage to complete the game on Hours Difficulty or above without taking any direct damage to their HP. He uses a katana to inflict swift melee damage over a decent range and parry attacks, and has a faster standard movement speed than every other host in the game. His true name is The Neorch.


Identical to Ronin Alpha, hence the name Drifter. Like the default appearance of Ronin Alpha, he looks like a generic noob, and wields a katana that matches his color pallete: green handle, yellow blade, and blue pommel and crossguard.


Drifter's play style matches the play style players are intended to use to unlock him: Swiftly avoiding all attacks and striking when the time is just right.

Sever (M1 Combo) is Drifter's basic attack. It operates Similarly to Equinox's Basic attack, as it cycles through multiple attack options. The first time this skill is used, Drifter executes a spin attack while moves him forward slightly. The second and third time, he performs a single stationary slash. On the fourth usage, Drifter slashes three times while advancing forward, and on the fifth, He slashes thrice without moving. The cycle resets after all 5 attacks are used or the skill has not been used for 3 seconds. It should be noted that with these forward movements in play, Drifter must attack from slightly further away than other melee host attacks, otherwise his slashes will miss as the entirety of the blade's hitbox will go behind the target.

Parry (M2) Has 3 charges. Similarly to Artisan's Parry, its timer resets when it successfully blocks an attack. Like all other parries, it prevents all incoming damage and staggers melee attackers while active. Drifter's Parry, however, is unique: It activates automatically when he is about to be hit by an attack (similarly to the Word Tempo), provided he is not currently using any other skills. This prevents a majority of unexpected shots from landing. Note however that Drifter cannot automatically parry AoE attacks unless he can parry from the very center of the Area of Effect; such attacks must be parried manually.

Slide (SHIFT) Is a forward dash skill. While in use, Drifter will dodge almost all attacks other than homing projectiles or Area of Effect attacks due to staying low to the ground. This skill is unaffected by auto-aim and can be used during another ability to cancel it.

Chain Slash (Q) is a vertical spin attack which advances forwards and strikes 3 times, staggering enemies with each hit. This skill is exceptionally unique as it will automatically pursue a target even if auto-aim is off. Since Drifter jumps into the air for each windup, this ability also has a chance to dodge attacks.

Katana Throw (E) releases Drifter's katana as a returning projectile, which can hit twice. Both hits stagger enemies.

Orbit (R) is a powerful spin attack in which the katana orbits Drifter twice and staggers with each hit. This ability also summons a swarm of 4 dummies which behave identically to those dropped by Goliath Omega. The summoning of these dummies has a separate cooldown from the ability itself (30 seconds). Like Artisan's sentries, enemies will target the dummies instead of Drifter if they are closer.

In addition to his attacks, Drifter also has passive health regeneration.


HP: 100

Speed: (About) 18 studs/s

Sever (M1): Cycles through 5 different types of slash combos, each slash dealing 6 damage.

Parry (M2): Raises the katana to parry attacks, holds 3 charges. If an attack gets too close to Drifter, he will use this ability automatically if he is not using another skill. [5s CD]

Slide (SHIFT): Slides forward, evading enemy attacks. Can be used during an attack to cancel it. [3s CD]

Chain (Q): Jump-slashes three times at the enemy (automatically homes in on the closest enemy), each slash dealing 6 damage and staggering. [12s CD]

Throw (E): Throws the katana at an enemy, dealing 6 damage twice and staggering. [12s CD]

Orbit (R): Spins the katana around Drifter, dealing 6 damage twice and staggering. Will summon 4 noob dummies with a 30s CD. They deal 12 damage. [12s CD]

Knockdown Resistance (Passive) Any type of crowd control effect applied to Drifter (stagger, stun, silence, disarm, root, or slow) lasts for half its normal duration.

Drifter can be unlocked in the cheat menu with the command "Class5318008".

HOURS Drifter Shift.png

(No description)

(Gain 6 sword damage and 25 health)


Unlock Tips

  • There are several ways to unlock Drifter (relatively) easily.
    • One of the easiest and more accessible ways is with Prophet and the Star Tempo. Since Star and Heavy strike have the same duration and effective cooldown, Prophet can deal heavy damage with minimal danger by dashing to and from the target in between attacks. With Overflowing Vitality as your first perk, immediately use Regeneration to get shields when you begin a stage, then use Star as an opening to use Heavy Strike. Wait for the cooldown of Star and Heavy Strike to finish (which should be at about the same time), and while doing so, dodge as many attacks as possible to preserve the shield. Try to aim for upgrades that improve Heavy Strike or give stacks of regeneration in order to generate shields. Mortal Wound, Follow Up, and I Hear The Abyss are examples for Heavy Strike.
      • To reroll, begin a round and select your desired upgrade; otherwise, skip the upgrades, return to the menu, and repeat until you have obtained your desired upgrade.
    • You can easily obtain Drifter with Subject due to its Crystal Potion; each Crystal Potion gives Subject a 25 HP Shield.
      • Always make sure to have an extra Crystal Potion as the shield will expire after a certain amount of time.
    • Hellion with Word, Omit, or Cell can also work, but may require you to play more conservatively to avoid attacks.
    • Buffoon with Halt and Multiplayer might work if you hide in a corner and spam attacks. Just make sure to use Halt when some enemy spawns right next to you, otherwise you take damage and you have to do it all over again. The Aspect of Shade upgrade or the Word tempo is recommended.
    • Visitor with the upgrade Behind a Front can provide a constant shield to absorb attacks.


  • The Resident Mind clone of Drifter was originally able to parry at all times, meaning that even in in stopped time i.e. Halt, it could still parry the player's attacks. This was later fixed in the Revamp update.
    • However, enemy Drifters from Multiplayer/Endless Timeless can move for 5 seconds within stopped time once attacked. This is a feature and not a bug, shown by how they gain color temporarily in stopped time.
  • Drifter's original name was "Failure", but was renamed to "Drifter" on April 6th, 2021.
  • Drifter's face is actually a 3D model rather than a decal.
  • Drifter is able to manually parry both of Bloxxerman's landing shockwaves.
    • This is also true of Equinox's Black Tornado, and it will keep parrying as that the tick rate of the tornado is fast enough for it to be considered a single attack, meaning it will use only one of Drifter's parries.
  • Throwing Drifter's Katana (E) above/at any of Toxic Teapot's toxic puddles formed by their Noxious Spin will cause Drifter to be poisoned as if Drifter stepped in the puddle.
  • While fighting Ronin Alpha, Drifter can automatically parry the damage and impact stun of Goliath Omega's Giant Noob Smash. The field-wide stagger can not be parried.
  • Drifter’s flavor text unlocked upon beating the game is a reference to Kanshou and Bakuya from Fate/stay night.
  • Drifter is the only host that begins each game with an ability with the R Keybind.
  • Drifter and Dreamer are the only two boss echo hosts that have a true name.
  • Drifter's face got temporarily changed to neon orange in the April Fool's 2022 update.
  • Before the April Fool's 2022 update, Drifter had the "Heavy Hitter" Passive, which caused all of his attacks to stagger enemies. This made him the only host with a staggering M1 attack in Seconds Difficulty.
    • This trait has since been given to Bloxxer.
  • Equinox, Bloxxer, Drifter, and Hellion are the only hosts that have only one upgrade available.