Not to be confused with a Boss with an identical appearance and a similar moveset: Ronin Alpha.

"Spirit and technique, flawless and firm."


Even more fast paced gameplay with strong damage output. Obtainable by not taking any damage during a run. Shield damage is allowed.


Identical to Ronin Alpha, hence the name Drifter. Possibly a student or follower of his, since during the fight against Resident Mind, his clone says "The Neorch" and not "Ronin Alpha - The First Drifter


Imagine the Invader and the Artisan combined. Fast attacks and good damage with a legal AUTO PARRY. That's right, another host that centers around fast paced gameplay.


HP: 100

Sever (LMB): Cycles through 5 different types of slash combos, each slash dealing 6 damage.

Parry (RMB): Raises the katana to parry attacks, holds 3 charges. It will auto parry for you if an attack is about to hit you. (It cannot auto parry while you're attacking or using an ability). [2s CD]

Slide (Shift): Slides in a direction, evading enemy attacks. [3s CD]

Chain (Q): Jump-slashes three times at the enemy (automatically homes in on the closest enemy), each slash dealing 6 damage. [12s CD]

Throw (E): Throws the katana at an enemy, dealing 6 damage twice. [12s CD]

Orbit (R): Spins your katana around you, dealing 6 damage twice. [12s CD]

Heavy Hitter (Passive): For the duration of any of Drifter's sword-based attacks, all melee and projectile attacks that come in contact with Drifter's sword are automatically blocked, causing projectiles to vanish and melee attacks to stagger the attacking enemy without dealing damage. Additionally, all Drifter's sword-based attacks stagger enemies on impact (excluding blocked attacks). (Note: Due to a new update, Drifter's sword-based attack no longer block melee and projectile attacks).

To unlock him with the cheat menu, his code is Class5318008

HOURS Drifter Shift.png

:) (Gain 3 damage)




  • Unlocking Drifter is fairly easy; try to get Prophet + Overflowing Vitality and OC/normal Halt or OC/normal Star. Have Overflowing Vitality (make sure to roll it on the first stage), use Regeneration (to get shields) then use your timestop tempo the same time you use your Heavy Strike. Wait for the cooldown of your tempo and Heavy Strike to finish and while doing so, dodge all attack and do not attack (unless you see a very sweet chance).
    • To roll, begin a round and select your desired upgrade; otherwise, skip the upgrades, return to the menu, and repeat until you have obtained your desired upgrade.
    • Another alternative is using Subject. You can easily obtain Drifter with Subject due to its Crystal Potion; each Crystal Potion gives 34 shield. As long as the user keeps brewing and throwing this potion, the shield will stay and carry on to the next stage, effectively allowing them to tank all the way until the end.
      • Always make sure to have an extra Crystal Potion as the shield will expire after a fairly adequate amount of time.
    • Another way is using Hellion with either OC/normalOmit or OC/normal Word.
  • Drifter's LMB attack doesn't always hit the enemy in front of you since Drifter moves forward each time you strike, however, it can be just as easily counteracted. You can walk backwards in preparation or follow these tips below.
    • LMB 1: Aim to the right/left side to your enemy. However, aiming right will hit more consistently.
    • LMB 2: Move slightly backwards to adjust for the movement. This phase also tends to hit opponents in mid air if you aim slightly to the left, i.e. Ronin Alpha doing his Jump slashes against you.
    • LMB 3: No need for adjusting, you stay perfectly still performing this move
    • LMB 4: Aim to the right, which is consistent throughout your three slashes; otherwise, try to maneuver to the extreme edge of the first slash's hitbox, allowing your two other slashes to strike as well.
    • LMB 5: No need for adjusting, you stay perfectly still performing this move.
  • Tips for your abilities:
    • E: If you hit in between your throw and your katana's retrieval, it will deal a 1-2 punch. However, hitting it at the end of the attack will give a double burst of 9 damage. No need for adjusting, you stay perfectly still performing this move
    • Q: Use it to avoid other moves, as it is a really good counter hit move as you dodge over your enemy's attacks.
    • R: Attempt to use it at a distance and if you aim slightly to the left, it'll hit first before spinning clockwise thus causing your enemy to be hit again.
    • Shift: Use it to quite literally duck under your enemies. It does not give Iframes, but you can slide underneath and through your enemies.
    • RMB: Like most parries, this is an amazing ability paired with Sand. Unfortunately, it only protects the front of you, similar to Artisan's parry


  • The Resident Mind clone of Drifter is able to parry and move for a short period during timestop. This is likely to be a bug.
  • Drifter's original name was "Failure", but was renamed to "Drifter" on April 6th, 2021.
  • Drifter's face is actually a 3D mesh.
  • Drifter is able to manually parry both of Bloxxerman's landing shockwaves.
  • Throwing (E) Drifter's sword above/at any of Toxic Teapot's toxic puddles formed by their Noxious Spin will cause Drifter to be poisoned as if Drifter stepped in the puddle.
  • While fighting Ronin Alpha, Drifter can automatically parry the damage and impact stun of Goliath Omega's Giant Noob Smash. The field-wide stagger can not be parried.
  • Drifter’s character description is a reference to the Fate series.
  • The Drifter and Dreamer are the only two boss hosts that have a true name. The others do not.
  • The Drifter is the only host that does not have any neon parts on his model.
  • Drifter, Artisan and Parting are the only hosts that have their own symbol engraved in one of their upgrades.
  • Equinox, Bloxxer, Drifter, and Hellion are the only hosts that have only one upgrade available.