For the boss with similar appearance and attacks to this host, see Resident Mind.

"His mind taken over, his body no longer his. He robbed the world of its prayers, and lost his own, to die and be at peace."

The Dreamer is one of the fifteen Hosts featured in HOURS.


The Dreamer can be obtained after completing the game once with every first page Tempo, and by extension owning the Hands of Time Gamepass. He is mainly a ranged host and is known for his poor health but high damage. His true name is Whitespace.


Dreamer's appearance is identical to that of Resident Mind: A completely white humanoid with two gray eyes that constantly floats above the ground.


Dreamer is the Host version of Resident Mind, and is rewarded to those who has completed the game Tempo on the first page, including the Tempos locked behind the Hands of Time gamepass. Although his's Miliseconds passive grants enemies higher HP and reduces his own maximum HP, his upgrades granting him the ability to deal more damage and his numerous abilities makes up for this.

Dreamer's second passive, Energy, is used up every time an ability is used. Without it most of his abilities cannot be casted. Obtaining more abilities through upgrades increase it's maximum Energy capacity and lowers the Energy cooldown

Sear (M1) has a small wind up and deals a low amount of damage. However, it does not need Energy to be casted.

Burst (M2) summons a pillar of light, dealing medium damage to every enemy within it. While it can be spammed due to it's low cooldown, it costs 1 Energy to cast every time.

Hover (Shift) lets you travel at extreme speeds, granting the fastest movement in the game at the cost of Energy not recharging while used.

Eruption (Q) summons several pillars of light in a straight line, dealing medium damage each pillar and slowing down enemies hit by 50% for 3 seconds. With a medium cooldown and costing 1 Energy cast, this can be used as a starting attack for any range.



HP: 50 (100)

Health Regen: 0.33/s

Speed: 12 studs/s

Sear (LMB): Fire a piercing orb of energy that deals 10 damage.

Burst (RMB): Deal 40 damage in an area. Costs 1 Energy. [1s CD]

Hover (Shift): Toggle faster movement. Energy does not regenerate while active. Use again to stop.

Eruption (Q): Create a line of eruptions, dealing 30 damage each and slowing by 50% for 3 seconds. Costs 1 Energy. [6s CD]

Energy (Passive 1): Abilities require Energy to cast. Regenerate 1 Energy every 5 seconds and hold up to 4 Energy. Hold 1 extra Energy and reduce the cooldown by 0.5 seconds for every new ability you obtain.

Milliseconds (Passive 2): When playing as the Dreamer, enemies have 50% more health and you have 50% less health.

Obtainable Moves

Nova Swarm

Activate to spray small orbs of energy that deal 3 damage each. Consumes 1 Energy. 4 second cooldown.


Activate to consume all Energy to fire a bouncing, exploding and piercing orb of energy that deals 50 damage. Each Energy consumed adds 1 bounce. 30 second cooldown.

Hyper Beam

Activate to rapidly fire beams forward, dealing 150 damage over 5 seconds (30 damage a second). Consumes 1 Energy. 10 second cooldown.

Mega Beam

Activate to fire a large beam of energy that sweeps over a wide area, dealing 150 damage. Consumes 2 Energy. 20 second cooldown.

Telekinetic Rupture

Activate to pull all enemies towards a location and deal 30 damage over 4 seconds, refreshed every time the target takes direct damage. Consumes 1 Energy. 8 second cooldown.

Power Smash

Activate to rise up before smashing down at the nearest enemy, dealing 80 damage and gaining 10 shields. Consumes 1 Energy. 6 second cooldown.

Power Slam

Activate to charge forward, dealing 80 damage and resetting the cooldown on hits. Consumes 1 Energy. 12 second cooldown.


Activate to cause many eruptions to happen in a wide area, dealing 60 damage and granting 1 Energy for each hit. Consumes 1 Energy. 15 second cooldown.

Signature Move

Activate to slam enemies with a piano, dealing 100 + 50% of the target's maximum health as damage and stunning for 5 seconds. Consumes 5 Energy. 60 second cooldown. (Note: This attack does not grant invincibility while in use.)

Move Changes


Fractured Spheres: Sear increases your power by 5% for 5 seconds on hits, up to 30%. Every 5 seconds, the next Sear fires three orbs in a spread.

Oscillating Spheres: Sear can consume 1 Energy to deal 10 more damage. Sears empowered this way return 1 Energy on hits.

Splitting Spheres: Sear deals 40% more damage. Sear fires 2 orbs to the sides when hitting and 3 orbs at the nearest enemy when colliding to deal 4 damage.


Psionic Break: Burst reduces the armor of enemies hit by 25 up to 100 for 5 seconds and knocks enemies away from its centre.

Psionic Flux: After 1 second of casting Burst, a second Burst is cast at your location.

Psionic Overload: Burst will create 8 smaller bursts in a ring that deal 20 damage each. Burst and rings stun for 1 second.




Psionic Echo: Another line of eruptions is created in the opposite direction after ending.

Psionic Overdrive: Eruption consumes 1 extra Energy and causes 2 additional lines of eruptions to be created.

Psionic Reverb: Eruptions that hit will recast another Eruption in the same spot.


Energy Beam: Energy is not consumed every 4th time it is used. Casting an ability turns the next Sear into a beam that deals 10 more damage.

Energy Feedback: Energy's cooldown is reduced by 3% of the damage you deal.

Energy Fissure: Deal 3 damage every second around you passively. Consuming Energy increases this damage by 100% up to 400% for 5 seconds and increases your speed by 600%, fading over 0.25 seconds.

Energy Shield: Gain 5 shields for 3 seconds and reduce all cooldowns by 0.75 seconds whenever Energy is consumed.

Energy Surge: Energy recharges 100% faster at 0 Energy. Hover does not prevent Energy regeneration.


Psionic Burn: Attacks that deal 20 or more damage apply 16 stacks of Psionic Burn on hit. Every 0.5 seconds, enemies with Psionic Burn take damage equal to the number of stacks they have and lose half of their stacks.


  • Because Dreamer floats, he doesn't get damaged by Nightmare Catcher's traps or Toxic Teapot's poison pools.
  • Using Overclocked Zero, you can rack up serious damage with Dreamer very quickly.
  • By repeatedly using Overclocked Omit and Coalescence, you can beat Seconds mode easily if you are careful enough.
    • While Overclocked Omit is active, deactivate it and use Coalescence then try to dodge the enemy attacks for 5 seconds, then activate Omit again; rinse and repeat.
    • This could also work with Sear if you have Energy Beam, as the damage stacks.


  • Dreamer's Milliseconds passive, instead of directly affecting bot health (allied or not) in either Endless Timeless or Multiplayer, reduces the damage dealt to them by 33%, effectively giving them 50% more hp against Dreamer's attacks.


  • Resident Mind and the Dreamer are two separate entities, despite their identical appearances, similar lore bits, and matching movesets. His description may suggest they are the same entity, however this falls upon entering the final stage with Dreamer. (Up to interpretation)
  • The Dreamer becomes the fastest Host in the game while using his Hover ability. Aside from this, the fastest host is Drifter.
  • Dreamer and Buffoon are the only hosts that fight exclusively with magic.
  • Witness and Dreamer are the only hosts that use an instrument as a weapon.
  • Dreamer wields four (two if not counting obtainable moves) out of six attacks in the game that are capable of damage a flying Fallen Dread. These attacks are Burst, Eruption, Telekinetic Rupture and Upheaval.
  • Milliseconds is the only Passive Ability that directly affects enemy HP.
  • If Chromashift is enabled, Dreamer's skin and attacks change to match Chromashift's selected color (albeit lighter) and his eyes become white.
  • Dreamer is the only boss in the form of a Host that does not gain maximum HP from upgrades.

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