Downcast Days is the second stage in the game. The Boss of this stage is Bloxxerman.


The stage resembles something about the nine roblox clans, In fact, almost all the enemies have some sort of reference of them. This stage is monochrome, boxed in a battleground. It's always raining, and there is a huge Sierpiński carpet above the stage.


The enemies appear by dropping in, then creating a shockwave effect, however, it does not damage. Almost every enemy of this stage seems to be based on the nine clans of Robloxia. There are a total of ten enemies that can be encountered before fighting Bloxxerman.

Stage Variants

Forest Falls

"Is it just me or is this rain burning my skin"

The entire map becomes a green-black scheme, with "acid" rain and a much more brighter sky. Bloxxerman here, is Chromashifted to Blue.

Sinking Showers

"Perfect day to...uhh...be gloomy...?""

Hue shifting the atmosphere to a royal blue, the map becomes much more gloomier as the color scheme sinks the map. Bloxxerman here, is Chromashifted to Pink(?).


  • It's worth noting that, with the exception of Captain Ivory, each enemy that can be encountered in this stage represents a 'faction' catalog series from Roblox history: Astral Hermit represents the Astral Isles, Circuit Breaker represents the Orinthians, Dark Ages represents the Dark Ages, Emerald Lancer represents the Emerald Knights of the Seventh, Nightmare Catcher represents the Korblox, Scarlet Knight represents the Knights of Redcliff, Splintered Archer represents the Knights of the Splintered Skies, Starlight Duke represents the Federation Series, and Void Watcher Represents the Overseers. Captain Ivory represents the collectors of items from these series, and Bloxxerman represents the creator of these items: Roblox itself.
  • Captain Ivory is the only enemy in Downcast Days to not represent a clan of ROBLOXia.
  • This is the one of the stages where there are more than one enemy during the boss fight.
    • The other being Mirai Mirror. (Goliath Omega[?] and Dummies [Summoned by Goliath Omega])
    • This applies to the normal mode only. Because, if you have Multiplayer on, you would have the enemy bots during the boss fight.