There have been contests held by the community in cooperation with the developer himself.


The HOURS official speedrun contest held between July 21 - August 16, started at around the time of the release of Parting.

The unofficial winner of this contest in the Seconds category is superrun100, the developer, using Parting. Most other top runs have used Subject with various Lightning upgrades.


The HOURS contest started at April. The player must get as far as possible in the Endless Timeless game mode, submitting the entire run as well as staying on Hours Difficulty, White Timer on, No Overclocked/Turbocharge, and upload video proof. The best runs for this currently have been with Dreamer (Stage 100+), Parting (Stages 25+), and Buffoon (Stage 50+). More can be learned from the Hours Discord Server.

The rewards for this contest include free Hands of Time, free discord nitro, etc.