Cell is one of the 32 Tempos featured in HOURS. It can be unlocked by beating the game with the Swarm modifier enabled.


Cell is passively active, shown as a bubble that acts as a cell. Enemies that are not within this cell will have their time slowed down, depending on how far away they are from the cell, to a maximum of 35% slower.

When overclocked, there is no limit to the maximum slowing effect of the ability- enemies will be slowed much more beyond the 35% limit of the normal version.

Unlike other tempos, this tempo has no cooldown. It can be freely toggled on and off.


  • Cell provides two distinct effects depending on the fighting style of your chosen host: Melee-oriented hosts can use this tempo to keep ranged enemies from getting too far away, while ranged-oriented hosts can use this tempo to keep melee enemies from getting too close. Both melee and ranged hosts can use this tempo to easily dodge projectiles as well.
  • This tempo trivializes the first phase ('bullet Hell') of the battle between the player and Resident Mind, as the slowdown effect is applied based on the furthest part of an entity from the sphere, making its beam attacks move tremendously slow in comparison to their normal speed.

Notes & Trivia

  • Cell has the opposite ability of the tempo, Mass.
  • Disabling Cell's effect causes some blocks to not render properly. This is a known bug, but due to the way Cell's visuals are applied is beyond the developer's ability to fix.