Cast is one of the 32 Tempos available in HOURS. It is obtained by completing the game on any difficulty using the Swap tempo and can be found on the second page of the menu.


Cast allows you to swap between versions of yourself from an alternate timeline. The inactive timeline is completely frozen; they do not move and their cooldowns are all locked in place.

When Overclocked, the cooldown is reduced to only one second, no matter the distance.


  • This tempo can be used for charging up heavy, slow attacks (E.g. Dreamer's Signature Move) and luring enemies with one timeline and striking them down with the other.
  • This ability can also be used as a second life for when you die, as you can swap between timelines even while perishing.


  • Cast is identical to the old version of Swap, hence its unlock method.
  • If this tempo is activated with the right timing while using Invader's obtainable skill Envenom, a bug will cause both timeline clones to turn completely invisible until the tempo is used to switch back to them more than once. (This effect is purely visual and the game will otherwise operate as normal.)