"Yer a Mallard, Harry."

Buffoon is a host added on the April 1st update.


Buffoon can be unlocked by completing a unique in-game meta-puzzle known as Buffoon's Puzzle (See Unlock/Puzzle Solution for hints). He has no abilities of his own, instead taking the powers of other enemies to use for himself with his upgrades. His true name is Lafoole.


Buffoon is mostly a recolor of the enemy Astral Hermit, but he features a duck symbol on his chest instead of a lightning bolt.


Buffoon begins the game with the abilities of Astral Hermit, being able to fire homing projectiles and run away from hazards. However, as the game progresses, he can obtain the powers of other enemies for himself, all with an added duck theme.

Bolt (M1) fires a homing projectile which deals high damage and staggers enemies. With a certain upgrade, Buffoon can carry a second charge of this skill.

Bolt-EX (M2) fires a much larger homing projectile, which travels faster, deals triple the damage of Bolt, and silences enemies on hit, with unique cooldown rules (see below).

Sprint [SHIFT] doubles Buffoon's movement speed for 1 second.

In addition to these basic abilities, Buffoon can gain additional skills and perks with his upgrades. Some of these operate independently (usually passively or automatically activated), and some are activated through a combat mechanic unique to Buffoon known as the Spell Combo. When Bolt-EX is activated, if Buffoon has at least one upgrade that grants an ability that isn't shown in the action bar, a Spell Combo begins. Activating Bolt-Ex again during this time will cast the next spell. The order of the spells being cast will always reflect the order in which they were obtained through upgrades (Exception: The ability of "Aspect of War" will always activate first, then Bolt-Ex, then the order proceeds as normal). If the standard Bolt is used during this time, the cooldown of Bolt-Ex will be reduced by 1 second when it begins (this effect can stack). The Spell combo ends after either all available spells have been used or an obtained spell is not cast for 4 seconds, whereupon Bolt-Ex's cooldown begins. For more information on the spells that can be chained, see Upgrades.


Bolt: Fire a homing spell bolt for 15 damage. Reduces the cooldown of Bolt-Ex by 1 if used in the middle of a spell combo. [2s CD]

Bolt-Ex: Fire a stronger homing spell bolt, dealing 45 damage and silencing for 3 seconds. Can be reactivated to use other spells in the spell combo. Triggers the cooldown when all spells in the combo are used, or has not been used in 4 seconds. [8s CD]

Sprint: Move twice as fast for 1 second. [3s CD]


The 14 phrases are a reference to "Dios Diary" from JoJo's bizarre adventure.

The "Buffoon's puzzle" is given as follows:


How to unlock Buffoon:

  1. Unlock Cell and Tear, gaining access to Endless Timeless.
  2. Go to Endless Timeless, and choose upgrades until you begin to see Cold Treasure. Pick it.
  3. Go to menu, set screenshake to 1000%, then quit to menu.
  4. Leave and rejoin.
  5. In the starting screen, wait until the fog sets in. After this happens you can move around.
  6. Move through the doorway down the path to the pink button, and touch it.
  7. Turn around but just before you go inside, turn left and hug the wall.
  8. You should see 2 tall support pillars, one of which should start glowing if you touch it. If there isn't then try a different side of the building.
  9. Climb up the glowing pillar, following the glowing path (it will sometimes go around a corner, make a fall, or have a ladder) until you reach the top of the building.
  10. Touch the duck.

Puzzle Solution

  • WATERFOWL: Next step
  • TREMORS: Set screenshake to 1000%, can be done at any point in the game
  • WEEPING CHAMBER: Unlock Cell and Tear
  • SOUTH BORDER: Endless Timeless, having gained access by unlocking the aforementioned tempos
  • WATERFOWL: Next step
  • COLD TREASURE: Upgrade obtainable in Endless after obtaining all other upgrades
  • WATERFOWL: Next step
  • SUNKEN CITY: The room at the start of the game
  • HESITATION MOMENT: Wait a moment
  • ROLLING FOG: Fog will set in after you wait
  • HIDDEN PASSAGE: Find a passage in the room and go through it
  • WATERFOWL: Next step
  • DORMANT LIGHTS: Some blocks in the exterior wall will glow when you touch them
  • SUMMIT: Climb up the glowing blocks to reach the top of the room
Alternatively, with the debug menu, inputting "ClassDuck" gives Buffoon.

(All upgrades are abilities from different enemies, with some additional benefits.)

Peacock Peaks

Aspect of Force(Seventh Blossom): Sprint can be activated to perform a dropkick, dealing 20 damage. Recharged after walking 50 studs. Sprint's cooldown is reduced by 1 second and is used automatically when moving.

Aspect of Wind(Huricane Gale): Bolt deals increased knock back.
Windblade (spell combo): conjure a flying clash of air that deals 40 damage

Aspect of Frost(Shattered Ice): Take 50% less damage from slowed enemies. Slow melee attackers.
Frost Fan (spell combo): conjure a spread of 5 ice daggers, dealing 12x5 damage and slowing for 3 seconds.

Aspect of Blight(Toxic Teapot): Bleed pools of poison that cause enemies to degenerate 4 health per second and take damage from healing.
Venomshank (spell combo): conjure a sword and perform a spin attack, dealing 30 damage and poisoning enemies.

Aspect of Swords(Unlimited Blades): Enemies that touch you are impaled by swords, dealing 20 damage. [7s CD]
Falling Swords (spell combo): conjure a line of falling swords dealing 20 damage each.

Aspect of Shade(Wraith Walker): Automatically teleport to dodge attacks. [3s CD]

Aspect of Gun(Sidearm Stubbs): Bolt gains 1 extra charge.
Draw a Gun (spell combo): Conjure 3 bullets, dealing 15x3 damage.

Aspect of Flame(Arson Agni): Bolt-Ex sets an area on fire, dealing 75 damage over 4.5 seconds.

Aspect of God(Wingless Angel): Falling below 50% health causes the next instance of damage to heal you instead. Repel nearby projectiles. [10s CD]

Downcast Days

Aspect of Wealth(Captain Ivory): Porcelain Cannon (spell combo): conjure a cannon ball that explodes, dealing 60 damage in an area

Aspect of Sky(Splintered Archer): All attacks deal 50% to 200% damage.
Splintered Arrow (spell combo): conjure an arrow that deals 30 damage

Aspect of Stone(Emerald Lancer): Bolt hits spawn an orbital gem that blocks attacks and deals 15 damage to enemies.

Aspect of Stars(Starlight Duke): Taking damage activates a 30 health shield for 3 seconds. [10s CD]
Starlight Rivulets (spell combo): Conjure three parallel beams that deals 20x3 damage.

Aspect of Steel(Circuit Breaker): A laser falcon shoots lasers at enemies periodically and when you attack, dealing 10 damage.

Aspect of Arts(Astral Hermit): Bolt increases the damage of the next spell by 60% and vice versa. Increase the cooldown reduction of bolt by 1 second.

Aspect of Hunt(Nightmare Catcher): Drop of tripmine that deals 15 damage when sprinting. Bolt-Ex deals 30 extra damage and hits an area.

Aspect of Void(Void Watcher): Summon Void Monsters from killed enemies. Bolt-Ex locks cooldowns for 3 seconds.

Mirai Mirror

Aspect of Ruin(Anti Mother): Gain 1 health regeneration.
Miscarriage (spell combo): Conjure an egg bomb that explodes, dealing 30 damage and scattering bomblets that deal 15 damage each.

Aspect of Beast(Half Horse): Horse Hoodoo (spell combo): Conjure 5 magic missiles that deal 15x5 damage and heal by 2 per hit.

Aspect of War(War Erude): Killing enemies heals you by 10.
Altair (spell combo): Increase your armor, speed and power by 50% for 5 seconds. Once gained, this will always be the first spell in your combo.

Aspect of Shape(Cube Liner): Activate a disabling pulse when taking damage, dealing 15 damage. [5s CD]
Sparks Liner (spell combo): Conjure a line of energy that deals 30 damage.

Aspect of Jest(Laughing Head): Bolt ricochets between enemies and causes delayed blasts that deal 15 damage.

Aspect of Growth(Nerve Healer): Bolt spawns healing bolts that heal 2 when dealing damage.
Pumpkin Drop (spell combo): Conjure a falling pumpkin that deals 25 damage and heals 10.

Aspect of Strength(Cerebrum Colossus): Gain 1 armor for every 2 missing health.
Colossal Stab (spell combo): Conjure a giant sword that flies out and returns, dealing 20x2 damage.


Aspect of Death(Fallen Dread): Killing enemies increases your power by 5% permanently.


  • Buffoon's true name quote is a reference towards a quote from Hagrid from the Harry Potter series, which eventually became a meme in itself.
    • The quote itself refers to how Buffoon is a wizard, while a Mallard is a type of duck.
      • The phrase "WATERFOWL" in the Buffoon's puzzle might reference to the Mallard being a part of the Waterfowl species.
  • Due to his unique nature of skill acquisition, Buffoon is the only host in the game that cannot obtain a skill with a letter keybind.
  • Almost all of Buffoon's abilities are enemies' attacks with an added duck theme.
  • Almost all of Buffoon's attacks are projectiles.
  • Like Parting, Buffoon has a 25th hidden upgrade called "Aspect of Death" (Icon is of Fallen Dread), which increases damage by 5% permanently for every enemy killed. It is currently unobtainable except via cheat codes.
  • Most enemies have a represented upgrade, except for ones who have already been represented, such as:
  • You are able to summon the Duck Monster using the Donation Cheat menu by typing in "ClassDuckSummon"