Bots are hosts controlled by AI and can either be allies (see Multiplayer) or they can be enemies (see Endless Timeless or Multiplayer)


Bots can be spawned with the sb command (see Donation in the cheats section) The command format is;

sb (1/2) [1 allies, 2 enemies] (Count) (Host Number) (Upgrade Count)


sb 1 1 Class01 5

This spawns 1 ally Equinox (Host) bot with 5 upgrades.


There is a Bots Learn option in the menu where you can allow bots to increase in skill. These have been used to beat game-modes and provide a nice combat skill level almost par to that of a player. *However, the bots learn feature usually learns to one character or boss at a time and therefore has a hard time adjusting to other characters.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: this does not count for any other AI besides bots) [Second note: I don’t know if what the bots learn saves after you leave. if you know edit this page or comment]

Bot Behavior

Most of the host bots, when faced with no target, will begin to either wander the arena randomly or start walking in a circle. The majority of the Melee based bots will try and get close to you, often walking in a circle around you.